January 12, 2015

What Sonic Gets That McDonald’s Doesn’t

The Washington Post reports


Anonymous said...

As a 40 year O/O who left the system in December of 2013, I think all present O/O's should take this article to heart. Tell OPNAD that their advertising is not working and tell the Regions thru the COOPs that they should read this article in the Washington Post and listen to what it is saying. McD's is off the track and needs to change soon or be happy with falling sales!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

Sounds very much like what many operators have been saying for the last three to five years.

We CAN be really good at a few things. We CANNOT excel at EVERYTHING.

Sonic does brilliant things like sell half-sized hot dogs with low food cost at $1.49 and Sonic Splashes that is simply carbonated water with a couple of squirts of flavoring at full margin...No wonder their profitibility continues to grow.

We do silly things like White Chocolate Mochas that take multiple steps, tons of time and with high food cost and come up with goofy ideas like offering high food cost and labor intensive side salads to our EVM's and expect to change the trajectory of our business??

When is this company going to get serious about what we are doing? We offer new products that sell in the single digits, we try to be the local coffee house when we're not cool like Starbucks, and then we blame this slope that we are on that is pointed sharply downhill on operators spending too much time on the golf course?!

Operator morale is at the lowest I've seen in over twenty years and the decision makers seem to be intent on making it more and more difficult to be successful. Moral is low because nobody gets it, profitability sucks, the short and long term outlook is dim. We keep just adding more crap and making stupid decisions pandering to nonsense studies on pop culture. We cannot thrive if we are making decisions based on chasing the latest fad because we will remain eternally one step behind...exactly what we've been for the last five years.

Richard Adams said...

"Tell OPNAD that their advertising is not working"

It's surprising to me that OPNAD still exists:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.- Albert Einstein

If continuing to dump millions of Operator $$$ into OPNAD isn't working is it time to reconsider OPNAD membership?

Anonymous said...

15-20 years ago, the old Southeast Zone (division?) commissioned a survey by the Wirthlin Group. One of the big insights of that study revealed the the (average) maximum age of an American Corporation was 50 years. McDonalds is now 61, and our rudderless leadership (NON-leadership) of Thompson and company seems intent on proving that study correct. IF we dont get back to basics and change soon, McDonalds is DONE.

And build-a burger is the WRONG WAY to go, and Don Thompson is the WRONG CEO.