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January 14, 2015

AdAge Reviews McDonald's New Ads

McDonald's Cute Spots Can't Cure Its Real Problems - Advertising Age


Anonymous said...

MCD sells FOOD. We need excellent product shots not feel good human relations. Customers want great tasting products regardless of our image. You can sell great tasting food in the black hole of Calcutta. MCD is getting its ass kicked in two areas. 1. Its products and 2. its outrageous operating costs. Marketing can help but it won't solve what is ailing MCD. Cutting staff to save a hundred million dollars is a drop in the bucket. The staff being cut should have never been hired in the first place. Staff should be cut by three times more than what they are doing. Service fee's in some regions cannot support those regions and should be closed. Marketing won't change that even a little bit. MCD needs to think like an aggressive active investor and act like a customer oriented retailer with profit as the first priority.

Anonymous said...

Stick figures and cartoons are ridiculous. We must be the laughing stock of the Ad World. Also,
Burnett has been our Ad agency for what - 40 years ?? Would it hurt to put the account under review every 3-5 years and see if another agency might have newer,better, fresher ideas?? (Its a common industry practice). We need to CUT the MENU by 25%, cut corp staffing by 15%, stop building Taj Mahal stores with astronomical rents,and return to our ROOTS. Sadly, Thompson is NOT the man we need for the Job.