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July 30, 2013

Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc. Signs First California Franchisees

Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc. signs first California franchisees - NRN

Fast-Food Rivals Are Eating Panera's Breakfast

Fast-Food Rivals Are Eating Panera's Breakfast - Businessweek

30 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Foods

30 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Foods | Healthy Living

Unions, Economics, and the McDouble

"Driving up McDonald’s wage costs would drive up the price of burgers 
for millions of poor people."

Kyle Smith: Liberals say they care about the poor but drive up their cost of living -

Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s Owner Exploring Possible Sale

Every time these smaller chains change hands it sets them back a few steps.

Report: Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s owner CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc. exploring possible sale - Nation's Restaurant News

Top Fast Food Restaurant Brands In United States

Top Fast Food Restaurant Brands In United States - chart

McDonald's Reigns as Top QSR Brand

"Chick-fil-A continues to thrive on deep customer loyalty, shown in the
fact that it had better systemwide sales than KFC at about a third of 
that brand's restaurants." 

McDonald's Reigns as Top QSR Brand - Convenience Store News

July 18, 2013

McDonald's Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend

McDonald's Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend - Seeking Alpha:

Tim Hortons’ Doughnuts Fail to Score in U.S.

"Activist investors say the $664 million U.S. expansion over the last decade 
has been a waste. At stake may be a forced retreat from a market that 
promises the Oakville, Ontario-based company potential growth as it 
reaches saturation at home."

Bloomberg Reports:

July 17, 2013

McDonalds' Minimum Wage Gaffe

A myth has developed (perpetuated by unions) that the minimum wage
is supposed to be a living wage and employees should be able to buy a
house and raise three kids. Given that - what was Oak Brook thinking?

McDonalds' Minimum Wage Gaffe - WSJ video

July 16, 2013

July 8, 2013

Senseless in Chicago

McDonald's Operators have expressed shock and dismay at two of the quotes in the BusinessWeek article.

Chef Dan says:
“When I first joined, it was all about time, speed, profitability,” he says. 
“I thought, Hold on—let’s talk about food."

On McWraps, someone named Kasey Short says:
“We’re willing to take a little longer,” Short says. “When customers know products are made for them, they’re willing to wait little longer.”

That second comment is just delusional - when a customer opens the door, sees a line, and turns around and leaves or when I decline to becomes the 12th car in the drive-thru line it's not because we know that McWraps take a long time to make. It's the totality of the service experience and the complexity of the McDonald's menu is making that experience less and less acceptable.

Decision makers at McDonald's should have spent time in real McDonald's restaurants, working with real crew people, and dealing with real McDonald's customers. Oh, and getting real input from McDonald's Operators.

July 5, 2013

W.S. Journal Blogger Comments on Businessweek Article

Why McDonald’s Managers Eventually Stop Being Hamburger Guys - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ

Why the McWrap Is So Important to McDonald's

As for the notion that McDonald’s should encourage some kind of foodie culture, Adams sighs. He’s heard it before. “McDonald’s management, once they get to a certain level—I think it’s when they get a limo—they no longer want to be hamburger guys. They want to be restaurateurs.”

Why the McWrap Is So Important to McDonald's - Businessweek:

Jonathan Maze (writes for Franchise Times) on Twitter

I think profit pressure is pushing store managers to cut corners, leading to service problems. At McDonalds, too many items causing probs.