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August 25, 2014

5 Reasons Burger King Wins With Tim Hortons

Beyond the Canadian tax breaks - Technomic

64 Burger King Units Sell for $18 Million

Isn't that only $282K Each?


Burger King Courting Tim Hortons

The owners of Burger King Worldwide have absolutely stripped the Burger King
brand to the bone and sold off all of the company operated stores in order to
impress shareholders and to be able to claim that they've turned things around.

It's all short term and the long term results will not be good for Burger King.

If they do the same thing to Tim Horton's it could be good news for McDonald's in
both the USA and in Canada.

Move BKW headquarters to Canada?

August 22, 2014

McDonald's Taps Former Executive to Turn Around U.S.

McDonald's management used to boast about a "deep bench". How deep can the "bench"
be if they have to scrounge around looking for former employees to rehire?

Was at Logan's Roadhouse for two years - WSJ

August 18, 2014

Taco Bell to Launch Dollar Cravings Menu

Haven't gotten out to a Taco Bell yet 
but these $1 menu items look like 
very low food cost products, 
(tortillas, chips, beans).

Taco Bell says, "craveable and quality value items” are important for Taco Bell because Millennials drive nearly half of the chain’s transactions."

Yeah, well, millennials don't want to feel cheated either.

Taco Bell to launch Dollar Cravings menu - NRN

Cheeseburgers Won't Melt the Polar Ice Caps - WSJ

"Each to his own, you might say. But these ideas are working their way into government policy proposals."
Jayson Lusk: Cheeseburgers Won't Melt the Polar Ice Caps - WSJ


August 17, 2014

Are Franchisors Inching Toward a Cliff?

Attorney Howard Bundy makes an interesting case for less control over franchisees. 
The problem is: As a franchise company evolves the “control freaks” take over. Who 
else would work for a big franchisor? Would a person who believes in free enterprise
and entrepreneurship work for a large, multi-national franchisor? 
If they are not control freaks they just don’t move up the corporate ladder.

Are Franchisors Inching Toward a Cliff? How Much Control Is Enough? - BlueMauMau

August 16, 2014

330 Burger Kings For Sale

This is why Burger King will always be a troubled brand. The companychanges 
hands every few years, sometimes it's a public company, sometimes private. Stores
change ownership by the hundreds, and along the way disinterested financial 
engineers suck millions out of the Burger King system.

Say what you want about McDonald's but at least there's stability in ownership.
Blackstone aims to sell Burger King operator - Crain's

How High Can Food Costs Go?

How high can food costs go? - Restaurant Business

August 13, 2014

McDonald's Seeding Fruit Options

While McDonald's Operators, Wall Street analysts, journalists, and anyone who's ever
run a restaurant is screaming at McDonald's to simplify the menu...

We get McOranges 

McDonald's should close down any facility or department with the word "Innovation"
in it's name and develop a department titled "Menu Optimization" staffed by people 
who have successfully operated real McDonald's restaurants within the past twenty
years. Chefs and marketing people need not apply.

Do You Know the Way to Chick-Cafe?

Chick-fil-A Looks to Perk Sales with Specialty-Grade Coffee

Another "Healthier for You" QSR Item Bites the Dust

BK Drops Lower Calorie Fry 'Satisfries'

August 5, 2014

McDonald's Under Fire From Parent Group for 'Dating Naked'

While the PTC can be overly bossy they certainly have a good point on this one.

How can this kind of thing happen?

Are McDonald's Operators no longer involved in advertising and marketing decisions?

How can the home of the Happy Meal be involved in such programming? 

Operators have been complaining that Oak Brook is is in complete and arbitrary control 
of OPNAD. Add to that the many deviants who work at the various ad agencies and it
seems McDonald's Operators are paying for programming that would not be allowed into 
their own homes.

For over thirty years McDonald's Operators have been the moral compass of the system.
Looks it's time to reengage.

Parents Television Council press release

Some of the "viral" coverage 

McDonald's Opposes Obama on Unions

Flash-Back to 2008 - Crain's Chicago Business

August 2, 2014

Political Contributions

I don’t edit the comments made on this website, they either get approved for posting 
or deleted when inappropriate.
A few anonymous posters have stated McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson contributed 
$60,000 to Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign(s). I don’t think that’s correct and
don’t want to be guilty of spreading internet mythology.
After visiting numerous political disclosure websites and press articles I can only find a contribution from Thompson to Obama of $28,500 in mid-2008. If someone has different information I’d be glad to post a correction here.

McDonald's CEO 'Under Siege' at Home and Abroad

Thompson Deserves a Break Today?

Why Do the Feds Want to Dismantle the Golden Arches?

All of the reporting on the NLRB actions has been lacking because there are
no reporters who understand the complexity of the franchise relationship.

Andy Puzder is one smartest restaurant CEOs around and certainly the most 
outspoken. In his WSJ editorial he describes the lunacy of the NLRB.

"If the NLRB's new interpretation of the rules—which McDonald's has vowed
to contest—becomes the law of the land, it will be tantamount to rewriting an 
existing contractual relationship by government fiat in ways the parties never
contemplated and to their mutual detriment."

Carl's Jr/Hardee's CEO - Opinion