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August 5, 2014

McDonald's Opposes Obama on Unions

Flash-Back to 2008 - Crain's Chicago Business


Anonymous said...

Too bad Thompsons RECENT comments,widely distributed in the financial news, seem to ENCOURAGE Unions,(and a higher minimum wage) and to lead one to conclude that McD is NOT against them. Thompson has drunk the Obama Kool-Aid.He should be FIRED

Anonymous said...

Obama: US must ‘strengthen unions’

By Justin Sink - 06/17/14 03:14 PM EDT- THE HILL

President Obama said Tuesday that the U.S. "should do everything we can to strengthen unions in this country" after decades of waning influence.

During a manufacturing town hall in Pittsburgh, Obama credited labor unions for helping to build the middle class.

"Weekends and overtime and benefits — things that now, non-union workers take for granted — well, you got those because unions were out there fighting for you for a very long time," Obama said.

The president acknowledged that "unions have been back on their heels over the last several decades." He said globalization, technology and the declining costs of transportation gave them “less leverage” and led to fewer unionized private sector jobs.

Obama said union laborers paid for their increased wages and benefits with "skills, reliability, [and] productivity."

But he also encouraged labor "to be flexible" and "recognize that if you're working for a company, that that company has to have a bottom line."

"They're competing against nonunion labor as well," Obama said.