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August 15, 2014

McDonald’s Franchisee Takes on Corporate Control

McDonald’s Franchisee Takes on Corporate Control: Video - Bloomberg


Anonymous said...

For her sake, I hope the California franchise bill is retroactive. Otherwise, I would advise her to start planning for her retirement.

Anonymous said...

Had a price increase in my five stores last month for the first time in over a year due to rising costs. Within DAYS, my field consultant called me and strongly "advised" me that I should not have done it and that McD Corp wouldnt like it. (I thought price fixing was Illegal).
Sure do hope the NLRB doesnt call me to honestly testify that McDonalds is a "joint" or dual employer with operators !!!

Richard Adams said...

For whatever legal reasons it appears McDonald's Corp. stopped worrying about price fixing about 15 years ago. It could be the field consultants no longer receive any training on the subject.

Anonymous said...

The Field Consultant needs to be trained on how Corp makes money. More sales more rents. Increase prices means increase rent. A x B = C

Anonymous said...

Don't ask field consultants to do much thinking. They are just list checkers taking orders from above. Understand the business? probobly not going to happen.