December 16, 2008

Intellectuals like Skinner

The WSJ asked a few top management professors to name three
picks for the best CEOs of 2008. A professor at the University
of Chicago's Booth School of Business chooses Jim Skinner.

"They've stuck to their knitting and made their
existing stuff better and it's paid off."

My question is: How is diverting the entire focus of McDonald's
USA and most of the national marketing effort for the next two
years to specialty coffee "Sticking to their Knitting"?

The WSJ article is HERE


December 6, 2008

Crain's on McDonald's & Unions

Speaking of pouring money down a rat hole check
out how the PAC is spending Owner/Operator money!

And check out how Don Thompson is spending his!

Crain's Article is HERE


Speaking of Unions

IBDaily is running the best political cartoon of the season:

(McDouble Click on the Picture)