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September 30, 2022

McCEO Has a New Fan Club

Restaurant Business magazine thinks McCEO is golden - by Jonathan Maze

"..... one thing has become clear: Kempczinski has put his mark on the Chicago-based burger giant and is in as strong a position as any other CEO of a publicly traded restaurant company."

Jonathan Maze E-mail -

FOX News and Getting Serious About Crime

Greg Gutfeld: To get Democrats to care about crime, you almost have to have elections every month

(8 minutes)

September 26, 2022

New Sheriff in Chicago

Some question a democrat talking tough about crime while cities run by democrats have terrible crime problems. Liberals normally don't want the mention of "crime" anywhere near their platforms. 

But this cycle is different. Crime and civil unrest are such a problem that democrats are forced to discuss crime publicly. There's a lot of back tracking going on.

Individuals with future political ambitions are trying to get out ahead of the more progressive wing of the Democratic party by openly discussing the crime problem and the rebuilding of police departments.

Meanwhile, progressives like Loi Lightfoot and AOC want to minimize or ignore the problem. But most of the current crop of progressives will be gone in a few years. For those democrats who aspire to elective office it's time to jump on the "tough on crime" bandwagon and be ready when their opportunity comes around.


September 25, 2022

Chicago, Crime, McDonald's


I doubt McDonald's Owner/Operators spend a lot of time wandering around the public McDonald's website. Me neither. But last week the Chicago Tribune website was peppered with banner ads like the above. Clicking on Learn More takes the visitor to an infographic about McDonald's, Chicago, and Cook County.

Interesting stuff but it's unusual to promote one county out of the entire USA.

Is this a cleanup after the CEO's crime comments or part of a master plan?

Crime in Chicago - Worse or Getting Better?

This video and article provide a different perspective - Newsnation

You may have to unmute the sound on the video

September 21, 2022

McDonald's Values

An initial review of the McDonald's Owner/Operator "Values" requirements leaves two questions:

* Are McDonald's Corporation, their employees, directors, vendors and subsidiaries also guided by these "McDonald's Values"?

* Are McDonald's corporate employees also required to be "Brand Ambassadors" by avoiding political controversies such as those currently afoot in the City of Chicago?

Pajama Boy Vs. the Mayor

Lori Lightfoot, current Mayor of Chicago is counterattacking against McDonald's CEO assertions that Chicago is "a city in crisis".

At today's press conference the Mayor said "What would have been helpful is if the McDonald’s CEO had educated himself before he spoke,” Lightfoot said. “We had those productive conversations with other members of his leadership team, I think you saw that McDonald’s itself put out a full page ad talking about their full support of the city of Chicago."  

ChiTrib covers the controversy

September 20, 2022

NYC Police Release Violent Ax Vandal

The national attention being paid to this event may be the beginning of dealing with the big city crime epidemic. Especially the fact that the ax man wasn't detained by the authorities.

McDonald's attacker says he's not unhinged

September 15, 2022

Sweet Home Chicago

Corporate CEOs and hot shot executives with liberal political leanings (aren't they all) tend to gravitate to large cities when locating their corporate headquarters. Apparently, they feel at home in a place with a large corrupt government and a social scene populated by fellow liberals.

So, it's entertaining to see the Economic Club of Chicago dither about the city's rising crime rate. It seems large corrupt governments are difficult to control.

Trouble is, multiple generations of these liberal, left leaning corporate executives built this government with their campaign contributions, back-room deals, and community influence.

And then they're surprised when taxes get out of control, there's blood in the streets and it's time to move on to friendlier truf.

Let's wait twenty years and check in on Florida and Texas to see if they've survived the influx of liberal corporate clones.

McDonald's CEO says city needs to face facts about downtown business climate - Chicago Tribune

September 12, 2022

Starbucks Now, McDonald's Later

"Let’s say a McDonald’s franchisee has three McDonald’s, they’ll try to unionize one,” and then the next and the next."

Will  Starbucks Style union push hit franchises next? - FranTimes


September 9, 2022

Joint Employer = Greater Liability for Franchisors

The NLRB proposal goes beyond the Trump era direct-control standard for joint employers.

"Reclaim the Flame"

Sounds like BBV2020!

Burger King USA plans $400 million investment

“Burger King is refreshing and modernizing its brand, adding meaning and relevance to historical brand anchors like ‘Flame Grilling’ and ‘Have it Your Way’ while also introducing new brand elements to broaden its attraction for a younger and more diverse base of guests,”

September 7, 2022

NLRB Takes Opportunity to Pounce

On Monday the Governor of California signs the pro-union minimum wage will into law. On Tuesday the National Labor Relations Board moved a proposal to make franchise companies increasingly liable for the actions of their franchisees.


Regulators push to make franchisors accountable for franchisees' labor practices

September 6, 2022

California Scamming

This brief article is typical of the coverage that the signing of AB 257 is getting. As we expected, nothing but discussion about the higher minimum wage and nothing about the potential damage to be done by the "Fast Food Council" and various government agencies and bureaucrats.

And of course nothing about the impact on inflation.

So far reporters from various publications have been less than interested in these additional complications. Corporate managements will assure shareholders there's no problem and shareholders will enjoy the increased rent and royalty income from higher menu prices.

This is going to get complicated.

Comments by Seeking Alpha

September 3, 2022

Send a Note to California's Governor


Here's a chance for franchise owners to encourage California Governor Newsom to veto AB 257.

Just click here - Governor Newsom, Stop AB 257

Tell Governor Newsom to Veto AB 257