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July 20, 2010

Hot Deal on Espresso Machines

It's great that smoothies are doing well at
McDonald's but nineteen McCafe drinks a day?
That's just sad!

It's too late to return those expensive machines to the manufacturer but it's not too early to think about selling them on eBay.

For a modest fee of $25 Franchise Equity Group will coordinate the listing and sale of your McDonald's espresso machine on eBay. Please inquire by E-mail.


U.S. Restaurant Count Continues to Fall

Independents closed the most locations


July 13, 2010

Can MCD Execs Become Restaurateurs?

Now Mike Roberts and one of his lackeys are
attempting starting a restaurant chain

Article is HERE


July 10, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Gives Skinner "Shout Out"

I'm thinking this will really irritate
all the liberals working in Oak Brook!

Limbaugh's website is HERE


More on Tom & Eddie's

"The one-time architect of McDonald's Corp.'s Arch Deluxe is
launching a new, high-end burger chain."

Crain's reports HERE