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October 24, 2015

Best Case Ever For Secret Co-Op Ballots

I've always resisted postings and comments on this website that discuss upcoming 
promotions and marketing plans assuming that's proprietary information and discussing
it here might give competitors some advantage. But, since Nation's Restaurant News and Crain's have already reported on the "Pick 2"idea it's out of the bag.

In that light, I received mail from a McDonald's Operator asking that we try to generate 
some discussion about "Pick 2" on this website. While I can't republish the entire E-mail
but will kick things off by posting bullet points from the Operator E-mail.

* Please focus your blog on this Pick 2 plan that is terrible for the O/Os.     

* I have spoken to a lot of O/Os who are afraid to speak up. I am not sure of what they are           afraid. Does anyone want another restaurant at this point?   

* Regardless, this OPNAD plan, overall, is terrible and will lead us back down the dollar 
   rabbit hole.  

* NRN has an article about it right now, but O/Os are voting.  

* It is crazy on who is voting yes and no.

* Anything we can do to kill this terrible plan is a first start.  

* I can’t believe that McDonald’s wants to run it this way, but more importantly, why would      you (as an O/O) not see it as your own small business. 

* Why worry over what McDonald’s thinks?  We are the ones up against tremendous debts    (due to McDonald’s) and meeting payroll. 

* O/Os need all the votes they can get. They need to know that a lot of Co-Ops have failed 
   this terrible plan, but not enough. 

October 21, 2015

October 20, 2015

Monster Drinks at McDonald's

This is a flashback to the roll out of McCafe which was supposed to include such drinks

Yum Brands to Spin Off China Business

This restructuring at YUM is already generating discussion about McDonald's doing 
something with its real estate.

China Business - LA Times

McFake Twitter Account on All Day Breakfast

Oak Brook has numerous fake social media accounts but the most amusing is on
Twitter with the handle "McD_Truth" who is trying to spin things for analysts.

With only a week under ADB's belt he is already claiming that:

ADB has increased the average check, lowered food cost by .50%, generated a 
huge sales increase, and Operators are 95% behind ADB.

Must McDonald's Always Be Politically Correct?

With all the challenges McDonald's faces - they have to waste resources on phony initiatives that will only raise operating costs.

McDonald's signs on for Obama's 'American Business Act on Climate Pledge'

October 15, 2015

NRN's Jonathan Maze on McDonald's Value

This is a great opportunity for McDonald's Operators to comment at the end of the article
or send Jonathan an E-mail. 

By the way, Oak Brook has a bunch of "anonymous" people trolling the Internet 
commenting on articles and posting fake tweets. Anyone who does not agree with the 
Oak Brook party line is called a "hater". Is OPNAD paying for this activity?

For this purpose there's nothing wrong with creating your own identity.

Did shifting away from the Dollar Menu hurt McDonald's?

But McDonald's Operators Are Upbeat About Q4

McDonald's franchisees optimistic about sales growth

Starbucks to Install Video Drive-Thru Screens


         Face to Face With Your Barista

On The Other Hand, Some McDonald's Operators Say ...

McDonald's franchisees say all-day breakfast is a nightmare - Business Insider

Andres Happy With Breakfast Rollout, Says Value Plan Next

Bloomberg Business reports - HERE

McSpin on ADB Drives MCD to New Highs

McDonald's Touches All-Time High On Analyst Upgrade -

October 13, 2015

Let McOpCo Test CYT

Comment of the week - so far.

CYT - "Also the cost of converting/remodeling our kitchens, the added labor needed, and 
the increased complexity and food costs will make this a poison pill for all but the most 
foolish operators to follow. Let McOpCo do it for 3 years FIRST."

Discussion is HERE

October 3, 2015

Analyst Kalinowski Covers Restaurants for Nomura Group

Nomura Highlights 'Mixed' Comp Trends In U.S. Restaurants

Wal-Mart Raises Pay Rates, Then Has to Lay Off 450

"The cuts come as the world's largest retailer struggles to shore up its profit margins,
which have been weighed down by a $1 billion investment announced earlier this year
to increase wages for half a million store-level workers and other cost pressures. The 
company's stock is down 26 percent so far this year."

Wal-Mart to cut hundreds of jobs at Arkansas headquarters

Why McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Was Years in the Making

A website with a silly name buys the silly notion that McDonald's Operators made the 
decision to serve breakfast all day - silly website.

From a website named "Eater"