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October 16, 2015

This McDonald's Operator Very Happy With ADB

Lovin' it: McDonald's franchisee sees increased volume, happier customers - Tulsa World


Anonymous said...

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Thompson on McCafe
McDonald's management continues to claim McCafe is
"exceeding expectations". I finally figured out what
that means - based on the four years of testing
management only expected a store to sell 40 a day!

In this article Don Thompson
told analysts, "The question I get is, has McCafe
been good for our business? And I confidently say
'yes.' Were it not, you might not see me here today." Deja vu all over again?

Anonymous said...

MCD regions are bloated and many regional employee's simply are not competent Regional managers are not interested in building a strong region based upon good business decisions. Most want to build their own centers of influence within the Corporation. You can see it and hear it when talking to them. Profit and positive cash flow is not even on the radar screen. They care little about the operators or the region. Its all about their next promotion. The company is leaving lots of money on the table with their inefficiencies and poor judgment. Activist investors are seeing this and licking their chops. Oak Brook should have intense review of the regions. I don't think they realize that so many problems begin there.

Anonymous said...

McD employees are NOT interested in getting the Job Done, they are interested in getting the NEXT JOB !