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July 21, 2023

Ten Restaurants With Most Locations In USA

Restaurants with most locations in USA - NRN

Burning Through Cash

CPA firm Quick and Associates' recent newsletter contains an article on calculating break-even sales and also cash burn rate. My first thought was that we all learned that stuff when we were in short pants, but maybe not.

One of the comments from analyst Mark Kalinowski's latest Owner/Operator survey (from a very experienced Owner/Operator) was:

"I find that most operators don’t understand the concept of Capex and think our cash flows are all ours."

A review of this very brief article might be worthwhile.

Breakeven and Burn Rate: Valuable Tools for Managing Performance

Talking Franchiseing - July 2023

On Friday, McDonald's Corp. hosted a franchise conference in conjunction with the International Franchise Association (IFA). Attending were a number of McDonald's Owner/Operators and McDonald's corporate staffers. Also, a number of Chicago politicians who had nice things to say about McDonald's.

One McDonald's corporate fellow seems to be harboring some PTSD from actually working in a McDonald's restaurant for a few days.

The interesting McDonald's comments begin at approximately 27 minutes.

International Franchise Association - Chicago Roundtable

July 11, 2023

History of Subway

The history of sandwich chain Subway did start with Jared Fogle but this infographic is very well done.

The History of Subway - Restaurant Business Online

July 7, 2023

California Schemein'

In a continuation of his earlier article on California legislation, Jonathan Maze attaches an "Opinion" label to this piece.

Concern over legislation unites McDonald's and its franchisees

And now for the liberal point of view - Capital and Main has convered the topic with their usual leftist slant. But they do mention Robert Zarco and quote a few McDonald's Owner/Operators.

Bill would make corporations liable for labor violations

July 5, 2023

July 3, 2023

A Little More Tariq Hassan

Do you ever notice when advertising people write copy as they talk? Witness this 80-second interview segment with Tariq Hassan. He brilliantly uses every word to make it appear that McDonald's was stuck in the mud - then he came along. He refers to the company's weaknesses "two years ago." Hassan joined the company 22 months ago.