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July 30, 2021

Can You Believe This?

It's a wonderful thing when, as an officer of a public company. one  can fabricate data to make themselves look successful. While all managements do this the latest example is McDonald's Corp's claim they have raised McOpCo hourly pay by 10%.

That may be true (we'll never know) but they also claim that Owner/Operators have only raised hourly wages by 5%. 

This topic comes up in every communication I have with McDonald's Operators so all I have is anecdotal evidence but 5% is nothing! I'd believe that hourly pay in franchised stores is up 20% or more. Twenty percent on $10.00 /hour gets us to $12.00 /hour. McCeo's 5% is $10.50.  Who's hiring at $10.50?

This is part of management's campaign to make McDonald's franchisees look miserly and out of touch with reality. This dovetails with comments made in last week's New York Times about Operator cash flow. More on that over the weekend.

The Chicago office is trying to prove that McCEO knows more about staffing a McDonald's restaurant than people who've been doing so for decades.

McDonald's staffing problems easing - Maze

July 24, 2021

Is Government Going To Ruin Franchising?

How would you like to run a franchise where organized labor determined your relationship employees, the Federal government was constantly meddling in your labor policies, and because of Joint Employer, your franchisor was forced to be involved in every hiring, discipline, and HR decision? That’s exactly what will happen if the Democrats get control of the Senate next year and retain control of the House. One of the first things they'll do is send the "PRO Act" to the President's desk. And Kamala Harris is sure to sign it. 

This article features the Patel family, Owner/Operators in Louisiana.

Franchise Owners say the PRO Act threatens their American dream - Entrepreneur 

Why Entrepreneur Stands Against the PRO Act – Entrepreneur

This article goes into more detail about the PRO Act

McDonald's Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend

 $1.29 per share of common stock payable on September 15, 2021

July 21, 2021

Big Apple Mayor Race

Unless you've been locked in a Cuban prison you know there's a race for Mayor going on in New York City

You might know that the leading Republican candidate in the race is Curtis Sliwa, the founder of community safety group, the Guardian Angels.

But did you know that the Guardian Angels have their roots in an NYC McDonald's?

And that former McDonald's Owner/Operator Don Chin was one of the original ringleaders? 

Four Chinese helped found the Guardian Angels 

July 17, 2021

Maria Interviews Andy Puzder

 Former CKE CEO on restaurant business and inflation

Also Felony Stupid...

...Are the companies who dumped millions into the scam that is BLM. Some think this marxist extortion racket collected upwards of 90 million $ from corporate execs who desperately want to be woke.

BLM defends Cuban regime - NY Post

As long as we're talking stupid - Joe Biden thinks that the McDonald's franchise agreement is so powerful it can bind the local Burger King operator and their employees. Didn't this guy go to law school?

Check out the last paragraph in this article - MSN.COM

July 16, 2021

Stupid Starbucks Tricks

How many millions of American consumers avoid Starbucks because of their constant political posturing? Felony stupid.

Starbucks joins a corporate push to protect voting rights - Rest/Buss

July 7, 2021

NYT Interviews Accidental McCEO

"A lot of those costs are falling to the franchisees, who maybe feel like they can’t afford it. How do you see that tension getting resolved?

Our U.S. franchisees have never been in a better financial position than they are right now. The average franchisee in the U.S. is going to have record cash flow in 2021. They’ve had three consecutive years of compounding record cash flow. So our franchisees absolutely have the firepower to make these investments."

 "Our menu is Darwinian" (whatever that means)