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April 30, 2024

First Quarter Earnings Call - McDonald's

McDonald's first quarter 2024 results transcript provided by SeekingAlpha

McDonald's Has Lost Some of its Value Edge - NRN

"Of course, these changes require alignment with the 2,000 or so franchisees in the system, but they have been generating higher cash flows and are therefore able “get more aggressive with value offerings,” Kempczinski said."

Plans to shift to a national value platform this year

Menu Prices Raise Sales for MCD USA in Q1

Executives suggested the company will focus on value this year.  

“We have a value message,” said CEO. “But we’re doing it in 50 different ways with local value. What we don’t have in the U.S. is a national value platform.”

April 24, 2024

 An Ivy League degree was once an asset; today, it's more of a stain on your resume.

- TV commentator

April 20, 2024

Pres, MCD USA Sells More Shares

"The insider transaction history for McDonald's Corp shows a pattern of 26 insider sells and no insider buys over the same timeframe."

Sells 1,098 shares of McDonald's - Yahoo Finance

April 17, 2024

McDonald's Owner in California Says:

“We have realized that we are unable to solve our way out of this challenge just with price,” said Kerri Harper-Howie, a 21-unit McDonald’s franchisee in Los Angeles County. “We can’t do it. Our customers are price sensitive.”

More from Maze - Restaurant Business Online

Higher Prices and More Locations ,,,

... drove chain restaurant sales last year - J. Maze gets into the numbers 

April 9, 2024

This Year's Legal Eagles

Franchise Times magazine has released its "Legal Issues" issue featuring the top franchise attorneys in the USA. In addition to a comprehensive graphic listing the attorneys, there are numerous articles and comments from these attorneys.

If you start with the main page HERE on the right, you'll find links to the articles. In the middle of the page, there's a link to a PDF copy of the entire section.

April 5, 2024

Earthquakes can be serious business, but as a survivor of hundreds of California earthquakes, I had to roll my eyes a little at the dramatics coming out of New York this morning.

My most memorable was in San Francisco, at a joint meeting of the San Francisco McDonald’s Co-Op and those involved in their Ronald McDonald House. The venue was a hospital in the city with a spectacular view of the skyline and bay—hence, lots of windows.

The window coverings were big, heavy venetian blinds. As the building shook, the blinds began to bang against the window glass, amplifying our fear factor. 

Sensing the room’s concern, one of the doctors stepped to the microphone and said, “Not to worry; you’re already in a medical center.”