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December 17, 2012

Consumer confidence to remain fragile in 2013

"Despite ongoing improvement, the U.S. economy has only 
recovered about half of the jobs lost during the Great Recession, 
and consumer confidence is expected to remain fragile in 2013."

NRA Rstaurant Industry Forecast::

December 11, 2012

McDonald’s CFO Must Defend Margins From Bargains

The Wall Street Journal profiles McDonald's Chief Financial Officer. An analyst is 
quoted, "Bensen “has to be the voice of reason,” said Andy Barish, managing director 
of equity research for Jefferies & Co. “There needs to be a little bit of balance 
and discipline” when it comes to pricing."

This makes it sound like the CFO sets menu prices. While he's not supposed to be doing 

that he probably does have RMS on speed dial.

The CFO Report - WSJ:


December 10, 2012

Global - only partially reflects the Fiscal Hill caused by USA weather - Source: Yahoo Finance

December 8, 2012

Obamacare and Food Inflation

A McDonald's Operator asks - "How are Operators planning to pass
along costs  to customers when the Affordable Healthcare Act kicks in?"

In my humble opinion - in the short term - they can't. 

Quick Service Restaurant menu prices are already at the upper limits and
speaking as your customer, we're just not going to take it anymore. 
Future increases are going to seriously damage guest counts. It's fine to 
ponder factors like Food Away From Home but because of  the AHA  and
possible food shortages Operators are headed into the great unknown.

Shareholders have enjoyed the fruits of food inflation in recent years and
it appears that managements of QSR companies do not want franchisees 
or investors to see any challenges ahead.

In particular, at McDonald's, the corporate folks are counting on a food
inflation windfall to continue to indulge shareholders and to pay for MRPs.

So McDonald's customers will be asked to pay $5.00 or $6.00 for a Big Mac
to cover increased food costs, healthcare costs, and to help the Operator
pay for remodeling their landlord's building? That's just not going to work.

I'm suggesting McDonald's Operators do several things:

* Don't count on food inflation when making plans for the future. Your
customers will outsmart you and they'll certainly outsmart Oak Brook.

* Back off on borrowing money. Even though interest rates are favorable 
you're in rough seas, there's a killer wave of unknown magnitude on the 
horizon, and Operators are willingly taking on water?

* Do not let management use Operator "leadership" as a tool to rush you 
into taking on debt.

* Take another look at our comments on the Dollar Menu.

In a recent letter to fellow Operators a member of an RLC wrote, 
"Our finances are under pressure and will most likely continue to stay
that way." The letter went on to encourage Operators to hurry and sign 
up for more MRPs! 

An obvious Oak Brook form letter but is this the kind of schizophrenic 
financial advice one gets for their McDonald's franchise fees?

The challenges of 2013 and 2014 could not have been imagined five years
ago and sticking to a corporate agenda developed a decade ago may do a 
lot harm.

Advice for Franchisors: Treat Franchisees Well

Advice for Franchisors: Treat Franchisees Well |

December 1, 2012

Opinion on McDonald's from Crains Chicago Business

"But how many customers lured by ads for a $1 cheese-burger will shell out four
times that for an Angus burger? Lower prices won't help McDonald's franchisees
already struggling to preserve profits as food costs rise. This is the inherent tension
in the company's relationship with franchisees: McDonald's takes its money off the
top as a percentage of restaurant sales, while franchisees pocket what's left over
after paying all the expenses of running the restaurants."

McDonald's is losing sales as Burger King and Wendy's rebound - Crain's Chicago Business:

November 19, 2012

Should There be a McDonald's Dollar Menu in 2013?

                                            Our Editorial Comments are HERE


New Product and Discounting News at McDonald's

New Quarter Pounders, Egg White McMuffin, and Value Meals as Loss Leaders

"Five Under $5"
  • Big Mac, medium fries, medium soft drink
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese, medium fries, medium soft drink
  • Filet-O-Fish, medium fries, medium soft drink
  • 10-Piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium soft drink
  • Two Cheeseburgers, medium fries, medium soft drink

November 15, 2012

McDonald's Ousts US President After Sales Drop

If Oak Brook is going to throw the USA President under the bus every time sales
are soft then Jeff Stratton will be in the job about 90 days because the comps this 
winter are very tough!

McDonald's ousts US president after sales drop - Yahoo! Finance:

Goodnight Ladies

With the demise of Karen King and Jan Fields, for the 
first time in many years, the operational side of the McDonald's management team is an all male club.

Tweet of the Day

Memo to Jeff Stratton pres of 's USA: be realistic with people about how
difficult sales trends will be for the next 5 months

November 13, 2012

Despite Sales Stress McDonald's to Continue Remodels

"Some investors complain that McDonald's and its franchisees are spending too much
money to make their restaurants looks spiffy at a time when cash is hard to come by. 
But McDonald's said remodeled restaurants in the U.S. are seeing a 6% to 7% sales 
lift above their local markets after a year."

Don Thompson addresses investor conference HERE

November 12, 2012

Just When You Thought You Were Safe From the Politics

Oops! Conservative publication appears
to find Attorney General Eric Holder's 
brother employing undocumented 

Carolina Journal reports HERE

November 7, 2012

Giving Away Food Always Causes Problems

A special deal on French fries at McDonald's in Japan has sparked a teen consumer 
craze fueled by social media. 

French Fry Deal Sparks Potato Parties

Carrols New Burger Kings Needed Some Work

Any McDonald's franchisee who has taken over a McOpCo store will be
able to relate to the problems Burger King's largest franchisee is having
with former company stores.

Carrols New Burger Kings Needed Some Work

November 6, 2012

Why Restaurants' Discounts Aren't Working

NPD expert: “Weaning customers off deals is going to be very difficult,” Riggs said. 
“And they’re going to have high food inflation hitting after the first of the year. How
they add value and drive traffic (in that environment) is going to be a real challenge.” 

From Restaurant Finance Monitor

Why Restaurants' Discounts Aren't Working:

October 30, 2012

John Kujawa E-mail on McDonald's Bankruptcies

He's right there are not many bankruptcies in McDonald's but that's more about the 
way the franchise agreement is written than anything to do with financial solvency.

We don't give legal advice here but we have talked to more than a few McDonald's 
Operators who made the decision to file for bankruptcy. We can report that nearly 
every one of those Operators (former Operators) found it to be a huge mistake.

Based on these discussions we can make a few basic recommendations. If you or any 
McDonald's Operator you know is considering this as a strategy:

* Read and re-read your franchise agreement.

* Reread your franchise disclosures.

* Obtain multiple legal opinions from multiple sources.

* Explore ALL other options with your advisers.

* Do not expect to have any control or influence over the court or the process.

* Do not expect to embarrass McDonald's Corporation.

Payday for McDonald's CEO & Pres USA

On October 23, 2012 Don Thompson exercised (bought) 42,300 shares of McDonald's at $35.25 - $39.5 per share for an approximate price of $1,581,0002. He immediately sold those shares at $87.56 per share or a total value of $3,703.788.00

A few days earlier McDonald's VP Jan Fields exercised 
her option on 26,400 shares at $35.25 per share and 
immediately sold a total of 50,090 shares for a value of 

October 28, 2012

Crain's on the Dollar Menu

Crain's Chicago Business is running an article pointing out the problem with food 
inflation and maintaining the $1.00 price point. At this time the link is for subscribers 
but we'll post one when available. Meanwhile enjoy a couple of quotes from the article:

"The more you focus on value, the more difficult it is to raise prices on premium 
products, " Mr. Spieser says. (Mitch Spieser is an analyst at Buckingham Research)

"Franchisees overwhelmingly support the Dollar Menu, which they helped create", 
says Heather Oldani, McDonald's senior director of U.S. communications.
 346| -  -

October 27, 2012

Is the Dollar Menu the Answer to Tough McDonald's Comps?

There's been a lot of discussion in the press about Oak Brook's plan to re-emphasize the Dollar Menu and "Value". We've expected a lot of discounting to overcome the warm weather comps from the winter of 2011/2012 and have joked with analysts about seeing the Big Mac on the Dollar Menu. But, listening to Don Thompson's comments and reading analyst's notes, maybe that's not all that funny.

After all, the Dollar Menu was launched in 2002 with the Big N' Tasty as the headliner.

Chipotle Seen Becoming McDonald’s With Drive Thrus

It's fascinating to watch Chipotle tear at their successful business model attempting to satisfy Wall Street's 
appetite for year over year growth. 

The price of going public.

Chipotle Seen Becoming McDonald’s With Drive Throughs - Businessweek:

October 20, 2012

A Loss for Many People

Regretfully we must report the passing of veteran Arizona McDonald's Operator
Bill Konopnicki.

Bill's Obituary and other information is here

October 15, 2012

Drought Leads Restaurants to Raise Prices

"And this summer, a Big Mac cost $4.33 on average in the U.S., up from $4.20 in 
January and $4.07 a year earlier, according to the popular Big Mac index compiled 
by the Economist. Those increases will continue, but at a faster pace."

Really? when one can buy four or five $1.00 sandwiches for the price 
of a Big Mac?

The L.A. Times Reports

October 11, 2012

Wendy's Logo Updated

Wendy's pigtails get first touch-up since 1983

Poultry in Motion?

“As beef prices have risen and will continue to do so, many chain restaurants’ menu R&D efforts have shifted to chicken… as a way to offer innovation around a protein that is less expensive than burgers or other forms of beef,” Hayden says. Yes, the escalating cost of livestock feed will make chicken prices go up, too, but the increase won’t be as steep.

Big Bird: Why Fast Food Companies Are Suddenly In Love With Chicken | Moneyland |

September 27, 2012

Durable Goods and McDonald's Sales

It was at least twenty years ago that our Co-Op saw a presentation from Oak Brook
"experts" who observed that over the years McDonald's benefited from an increase
in durable goods orders in the United States. Hedgeye Research just released a report
charting durable goods since 1997.

The HEDGEYE report is HERE

(Clicking on the chart brings up a larger and easier to read version)

Durable goods were generally positive in the late 1990s but McDonald's missed out on
that trend because of the cannibalization of the Convenience Strategy and the impact
of slow service times resulting from "Made For You". The increases beginning in 2003
are reported to be because of the "Plan to Win" but it looks like durable goods might also
have contributed to this success. Durable goods took a huge dip in  2009 and that was the
softest year out of the last ten for same store sales at McDonald's USA. I've made the case
that sales were poor in 2009 because McDonald's Operators wasted their advertising $$$
on espresso based drinks. But, there were strong economic headwinds.

While sales at McDonald's USA don't track perfectly with durable goods it's an interesting
metric to watch.

September 25, 2012

Technomic on Better Burger Restaurants

Better Burger Restaurants - A Growing Trend:

IFA Leads Coalition to Defeat Michigan Bill

The entire purpose of the International Franchise 
Association is to defeat any Federal or State legislation 
that might give legal rights to franchisees. 

Of course, McDonald's Corp. is a major player in the IFA.

From the IFA's Blog

Are Franchisees Entrepreneurs?

Franchisees Are Entrepreneurs (Let The Debate Begin) - Forbes:

80 Mill Hours Needed for Obamacare Tax Rules

80 million hours needed for Obamacare tax rules | Times 247:

Tax Penalty to Hit Nearly 6M Uninsured People

Tax penalty to hit nearly 6M uninsured people, under ObamaCare | Fox News:

Fast Food Restaurants Serve Quick Breakfast Options

Fast Food Restaurants Serve Quick Breakfast Options - QSR magazine:

McDonald's Fights Slowdown With Value Initiatives

McDonald's fights slowdown in Europe, U.S. with value initiatives | Nation's Restaurant News:

McDonald’s Fattens Dividend By 10% to $0.77

McDonald’s Fattens Dividend By 10% to $0.77 - Income Investing -

September 13, 2012

Jan Talks PFEs

Leaks about McDonald's marketing plans usually come from the various ad agencies.
This time it's Jan Fields on national TV divulging OPNAD's promotional food events.

CNBC video is here >>>  Jan Fields Unplugged

Howard Penney at Hedgeye Tweets...

September 12, 2012

Bigger is Not Better

It's long been my position that one of the reasons McDonald's dominates
the QSR industry is that McDonald's Operators in the USA have a
relatively small number of restaurants in a defined geographic location.

The article below features a Burger King franchisee who owns 400 Burger
Kings spread between Dallas and Orlando, 50 Arby's and Popeye's in Texas
He also owns most of the CiCi's in Houston and 33 Golden Corrals.

How can a such a franchisee compete with a bunch of six store McDonald's
Operators in his markets?

Good for him that he owns hundreds of restaurants but this is the reason
visits to Burger Kings are usually a disappointment.

Guillermo Perales is profiled HERE

September 11, 2012

McDonald's Sales Bounce Back on Value Deals

"McDonald's has been intensifying its "messaging around value," noted Andy Barish, a 
Jefferies analyst. For example, he noted that the company ran promotions for its breakfast
Dollar Menu in mid-August."

The Associated Press: McDonald's sales bounce back on value deals:

September 7, 2012

Wendy's Breakfast Faltering Again?

Analyst - Wendy's attempt to sell breakfast may be at risk

Caution - Sales Bump Ahead

This chart from a recent Hedgeye note on McDonald's illustrates the hill that McDonald's
and other chains have to climb this winter. The blue is the past 12 months and the red is
an average of the past two years. Of course the highest increase was in February partially
created by a 29 day month. (For a larger picture click here) >>> Hedgeye Chart


September 6, 2012

Streamlined Fast Food Menus Attract Customers

Readers of QSR Magazine will be familiar with the monthly column written by former
McDonald's marketing guy Roy Bergold. This month he discusses menu proliferation.

"Expanded menus really mess up your QSC and Value."

Streamlined Fast Food Menus Attract Customers - QSR magazine:

August 30, 2012

New McDonald's Locations

We've posted an opinion piece concerning the development of new McDonald's
stores in the United States. At the top of our homepage, in the black bar below the
pretty picture, click on "Was McDonald's USA Saturated 15 Years Ago?"

'The Economy Stole My Retirement'

'The Economy Stole My Retirement' -

August 24, 2012

Analysis of Don Thompson

"McDonald's is increasingly positioning itself as the Wal-Mart of fast food, using its unmatched power in raw material procurement and passing on the scale advantage to customers by outpricing its competitors. This might work against McDonald's to an extent, as customers learn to see the company as very low-tier and move to better restaurants when the times get better."

Seeking Alpha Speculates HERE

August 12, 2012

If We Could Talk to the Analysts, Just Imagine It!

I've come across a few friends who have not noticed one of our sub-pages titled
"The Real Franchise Stakeholders". Just click on that title in the black bar at the
top of this page. Let me know what you think!

August 4, 2012

Small Firms See Pain in Health Care Law

"franchisees are looking at ways to avoid the requirement by cutting workers'
schedules so they work fewer than 30 hours a week—the law's definition of a
part-time worker —since only full-time workers are counted toward the insurance
coverage requirement."

"A question for franchisees is whether the federal government will count their
employees based on the combined number at all their outlets or treat each outlet as
a separate business."

WSJ Reports HERE

August 3, 2012

Combo Meals Down By A Billion

For several years, speaking as a customer, I've been commenting that McDonald's
food has gotten too expensive relative to the avalible value offerings. I know
there have been changes to the Dollar Menu but then offers like the $1.00 drink
come along. This summer I've enjoyed my $1.00 ice tea and an item or two off the
Dollar Menu. My average check is always $3.00 or less.

Time magazine is reporting on data from the NPD Group that says sales of larger
combo meals have decreased 12% over the past five years.

NPD restaurant industry analyst Bonnie Riggs says, “The number-one reason
they said they stopped is that the dollar menu is a better deal.” Customers who
used to buy combo meals but don’t anymore discovered that “you can ‘bundle’
from the value menu and it is a cheaper price.”

The point? As long as I can build a meal for $3.00 or $4.00 there's no way I'm
paying  $6.00 or $7.00. The McDouble is an excellent sandwich and the McChicken
is a nice change of pace. I don't think I've had a Big Mac yet this year and I know
I haven't had a QPC - but on many occasions I've eaten two McDoubles.

Again, as a customer, I'll show up in many McDonald's restaurant's customer counts
but not at the bottom of the P&L.

Time reports HERE

July 23, 2012

You Can See McDonald's Future From Here

For many years I've encouraged McDonald's franchisees to pay
attention to the quarterly conference calls between McDonald's
executives and Wall Street analysts. I don't think too many
took my advice.

But, today's call is significant because of the drought, foods costs
and competitive pressures. This call contains revealing comments
from management and some really interesting questions from the

If McDonald's Operators want a look into the next 18 months you
really should read the transcript of today's call. Or, you can listen
to the playback on the investor section of the McDonald's website.

Seeking Alpha transcript is HERE

CNBC - MCD to Go On Offensive on Value

This is an interview with an analyst who explains very succinctly
that McDonald's can win a price war because the franchisees 
spend so much money on advertising.

The McDonald's discussion is about four minutes into this 10
minute video, but it's worth the wait.

Rachael Rothman on McDonald's

Analysts - More Discounting at McDonald's

Some smart people quoted in this article.
Howard Penney, managing director of investment research firm Hedgeye Risk 
Management says: “McDonald's can't ever go back to the Dollar Menu.
It's permanently gone.”

Kate MacArthur reports for Crain's Chicago Business

McDonald's CFO Foresaw Drought

McDonald’s Bought Commodities Before Rally, Cuts Cost Forecast - Bloomberg:

McDonald's Rare Profit Miss Signals Slower Growth Ahead - Forbes

McDonald's Rare Profit Miss Signals Slower Growth Ahead - Forbes:

July 22, 2012

McDonald's of India to Lower Prices 6-15%

The last sentence in this article is profound:
"The move is line with the fast food giant's international positioning of value and affordability, with more stress on volumes than margins."

The Economic Times reports HERE

July 20, 2012

What's the Beef?

Burger Business Reports on Beef Prices

Chipotle Down

Friday morning most restaurant shares are under pressure because of poor earnings from Chipotle. Discussing commodities on CNBC an analyst from Raymond James quiped,

"Chicken is just corn with feathers"

News on Chipotle is HERE

July 19, 2012

It's Going to be a Hard Candy Christmas?

When announcing "disaster" areas due to the drought USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack
said: "ranchers were most seriously affected and he expects the prices of beef,
poultry and pork "may go down a bit, but over time they will rise."

In other words, restaurants may get some relief this summer but just about the time
the industry comes up against the tough comps caused by the warm weather of
winter 2011/2012 the corporate folks will be pushing for discounting and coupons to
keep same store sales from going negative.


Dow Jones Reports HERE

The Food Cost Maize

This article contains some interesting facts about  where the money goes when we buy groceries.

July 10, 2012

Growth Chains: Tom & Eddie’s (Ed Rensi that is)

Growth Chains: Tom & Eddie’s | Nation's Restaurant News:


Somebody Likes Being on Camera!

Why would the world's largest restaurant chain post their
proprietary recipes on YouTube ?

Next we'll see Coke reveal their contents and KFC
disclose the Eleven Herbs and Spices. 

>>>  The Oak Brook chef tells all

June 29, 2012

Strange McBedfellows II

In this political environment we suggest McDonald's franchisees take another look
at how their political contributions are being spent.

Revisit our posting on this issue here

June 25, 2012

McDonald's or Burger King? Ask Jim Cramer...

I'm loving this ... CNBC's Jim Cramer comments on Burger King's expansion plans. He states:

"Burger King clearly knows how to play the trading game. They just put out a release saying they are going to build 1000 stores in China. 

What a great way to juice a stock since you don't actually have to build them. 
You just have to talk about them."

Thanks for telling the truth Jim!

CNBC video is HERE

June 23, 2012

Burger King, the Cash Cow

In my humble opinion - in five years we will no longer be referring to Burger King
as a major player in the QSR industry. Here's the history of the "financial engineering"
that is destroying that company.

>>> The New York Times Comments

 “Burger King has had 13 chief executives in 25 years"

June 19, 2012

Store Wars With Burger King?

Today McDonald's execs presented at an investor conference admitting
that customer traffic will be difficult to grow near term. So, if they can't
make investors happy with increased same-store-sales it's necessary
to increase the number of outlets.

Management announced they will open 1,300 new stores in 2012. How
does that compare to recent years?

Here's the global and USA rate for the past four years:

2008 - 590 (56 USA)

2009 - 511 (62 USA)

2010 - 259 (47 USA)

2011 - 773 (71 USA

These are the number of stores operating at year's end so it includes the
net of openings less closings. We assume the 1,300 discussed by
management is an increase in the total numbers of stores operating.
Hopefully very few of these new stores will be in the over saturated USA.

Not Enough Company Stores?

“Too many franchisors are bailing out on running the company restaurants
and that is going to be a problem down the road. Maybe it coincides with 
so many deal guys getting into the restaurant business. A deal guy can’t 
tell a grease trap from a mop sink, but sure knows that collecting royalties 
is better than paying them”

‐ John Hamburger, Restaurant Finance Monitor, May 22, 2012