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March 31, 2012

The Real Franchise Stakeholders

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Notes on the History of Franchise Legislation

Every decade or so the United States sees attempts to
level the playing field for franchisees and franchisors. One
of the most interesting occurred in the early 1990s when
the State of Iowa passed legislation. McDonald's and a few
other large franchised brands stopped granting franchises 
or rewrites while the law was on the books. This was back
when McDonald's Operators thought opening new stores
was a good thing so a number actively helped McDonald's 
lobby against the bill.

It would be interesting to see franchisors try that tactic in a
populous state like California. However, with out-migration 
California may someday have the population of Iowa.

The primary opponent of any franchisee friendly legislation 
at Federal or State level is the IFA ( International Franchise 
Association.) In fact, this is the main reason for the IFA's 
existence. The big franchisor's lawyers and lobbyists work 
hand in hand to keep the playing field tilted in their direction.

Up until 1997 the IFA did not allow franchisees as members
but brought in a few for appearances and occasionally they'll 
let franchisee serve in a "leadership" role.

A McDonald's Operator currently serves as "chairman".


March 29, 2012

McCafe Espresso Not Doing Well in Canada?

Before he became McDonald's Canada President John Betts was Mr McCafe in the USA. This article is not much of an endorsement for the espresso based drinks.

Coffee helps fuel McDonald's Canada sales - Consumer News - Crain's Chicago Business:


March 16, 2012

McDonald’s New #Shamrocking Shows They Never Learn

The Internet is once again awash with stories about the latest embarrassment
caused by the Social Media "experts" in Oak Brook. I don't see how management
has any choice but to get rid of anyone related to their Social Media program
and start over with people who A) understand the McDonald's brand, and B)
understand Social Media.

Caution: The linked stories below contain links to some pretty disgusting stuff.
Here's a hint for Oak Brook - next time you develop a catch phrase or a hashtag -
Google it before you launch.

McDonald’s New #Shamrocking Campaign Shows They Never Learn | WebProNews:

McDonald's Fabricates Awkward Internet Meme


New Burgers Fail to Boost Burger King Sales

High End Burgers Can't Compete With 99¢ and Dollar Menus:


March 8, 2012

Pay Cut For Jim Skinner

Don't Worry About Skinner - Jan Fields has developed a program whereby McDonald's Operators who have rebuilt all of their McDonald's stores will be required to then add a wing on Jim's Chicago mansion.

McDonald's execs take pay cut

Changes to McDonald's Dollar Menu Divulged

Neil Golden Blabs About Marketing Plans

Golden is obsessed with getting his name in the news but why would
McDonald's top marketing guy discuss a major menu change three
weeks ahead of the launch?

1)  McDonald's Operators are more and more doing their own thing
     with the Dollar Menu and management is desperate to make any
     changes look like they are "Oak Brook Driven".

2) Operator comments from our last survey (published in January) are
     still causing ripples in the media.

3) Management has a major investor conference with UBS next week.
    They know there will be a lot of questions about margins and commodities.

McDonald's Disappoints Wall Street

February Sales Fall Short of Expectations