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December 30, 2020

Does This Sound Familiar?

Maybe this "artist" can be the next McDonald's promotional partner!

"Nathan Brand, a spokesman from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, retweeted the screenshot and wrote, "This is who Georgia Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff had headline their event today. Will they denounce this disgusting individual?"

Hip-hop artist who headlined Ossoff, Warnock event stirs controversy after screenshot emerges: report - Fox News

December 16, 2020

No Meetings With Corporate? No Problem!

McDonald’s franchisees plan to re-evaluate value offers - Jonathan Maze

Biden Could Shift Labor Momentum to Unions

“You can say, ‘we’re going to organize all of the McDonald’s or all the fast-food outlets in metro Portland.’ That’s something that you need a joint-employer legal recognition to be able to do. Then you can organize all those people at one time without having to go through a million different little local elections,”

Biden could shift labor momentum to unions, low-wage workers- Marketplace

Nasdaq Asks ...

Is McDonald's Making a Mistake by Raising Its Franchise Fees? - Nasdaq

December 14, 2020

Another Fake Food Chain Bites the Dust

Vegan chain By Chloe declares bankruptcy

Crain's on McDonald's plan to shift costs

"Chris Kempczinski's plan to shift additional costs to franchisees seems certain to intensify their mistrust of a CEO they viewed skeptically even before the fast-food giant promoted him to the top job a year ago."


December 10, 2020

Elon Musk Decries ‘M.B.A.-ization’ of America

Peter Thiel, the venture capitalist who started PayPal Holdings Inc. with Mr. Musk and others two decades ago, once said: “Never ever hire an M.B.A.; they will ruin your company.”

Elon Musk Decries ‘M.B.A.-ization’ of America - WSJ

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December 7, 2020

NRN on McTurmoil

McDonald’s tells franchisees to expect new fee charges in 2021

Barron's on MCD

“We believe this move by McDonald’s is being received overwhelmingly negatively by franchisees,” analyst James Rutherford wrote.

It's obvious that the person who wrote this headline did not read the article they were posting.

McDonald’s Has Handled the Pandemic Well. Its Stock Shows It. | Barron's

Education Vs. Experience

Many have commented about the education and experience levels of the new McDonald's corporate management team. This simple schematic explains the difference.

Anonymous Comment

"What's clear, the operators no longer have the true faith and trust of the existing McDonald's leadership and Board of Directors, to honestly, openly, and most important compliantly engage with the franchisees and their signed franchise agreements. This includes the obvious ineffective NFLA and OPNAD, which were conveniently thrown under the bus on the current ongoing McDonald's conference call.

It is evident, the driver in McDonald's Corporation today is the current stock drivers. Not building, maintaining, and nurturing the long-term relationship that built the Golden Arches into a worldwide powerhouse brand. Today, this powerhouse is being steered with leaders that little to no history, bear minimum investment, and having absolutely no skin in the operational gain.

McDonald's has lost ZERO in this national COVID crisis. Operators have taken the brunt of added cost in trying to keep stores open; with plexiglass, sanitizing equipment, and other needs to address BOTH McDonald's and Government COVID-19 concerns. They have done this many times with only 50% of a facility; even when the government allowed 100% of the dining room is open. However, operators paid FULL RENT. They also paid full service fees, when most of McDonald's Corp sat at home, on the beach, or offsite - sending dictates to the restaurants. A $5000 per restaurant technology fee is a drop in the corporate bucket they drenched operators with during this pandemic. The $5000 is a fraction of Operator cost owners paid to keep their businesses open during this pandemic. Where's the partnership? There was none, and the rent and service deferments were a joke (if not in some states illegal) - so I won't even acknowledge them.

Restaurants are buckling down for ANOTHER round of lobby or restaurant closures, lost service areas, and other obstructions - where's our "partners" head in these matters? Sending FOOD SAFETY inspections warning that these will commence in full force on January 1, 2020. Guess it's their way of saying we know your down - here, here's a kick in the teeth while you're there. And we will zap you with these other financial struggles.

Questions will only make it easy to identify the weakly positioned operators. Be leery my friends, there are those in the bushes wanting to reduce the operator number."

December 4, 2020

Latest Editorial From Anonymous Owner/Operator

Great read, heartfelt and timely. Grab a cup of coffee, it's a long one.

Find it HERE


Jonathan Maze Reports

McDonald’s franchisees ‘blindsided’ by new charges for 2021

Bloomberg Reports

 McDonald's Plans Changes to Some Franchisee Fees, Subsidies


Our Future "Investments"?

McDonald's Owner/Operators should expect more announcements like those in the December 3 letter from U.S. "Leadership". McDonald's management has to convince investors that this is a growth company. Sales, corporate income, share price, dividends must constantly increase, year over year. Since they can't expand the number of stores the growth in corporate income has to come from somewhere. From here forward it's your turn.

That's why the CEO is eager to see the federal minimum wage go to $15.00.