Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 27, 2017

RBC Capital on McDonald's Analyst Day

David lays out expectations for Wednesday's meeting. Note in the second paragraph 
his #4 objective is, "higher franchisee accountability to in-restaurant execution".

This is Wall Street code for "get those franchisees off the golf course and back to work".

RBC Capital Markets - The analyst day playbook

Don't Take Green People Seriously

The last paragraph in this article is priceless. Not only does this hippie-chick want 
McDonald's to use "sustainable" beef, she wants to dictate portion size!

These people have one objective - put McDonald's and any company like McDonald's

out of business. And there are several departments in Oak Brook helping them do so.

McDonald's: Sustainable Beef Options Are on the Horizon -


Talk To The Analysts

I've always found it interesting and a bit of a shame that the real owners of a publicly held franchise system don't have a voice in the investment community. The analysts who cover various restaurant brands rarely get the chance to communicate with the franchisees who 
actually run the business.

But these days there's an easy fix. We will accumulate the Email address some of the 
Wall Street analysts who cover the restaurant industry.

It's very easy to communicate with these analysts by E-mail and eventually by telephone. 
Franchised Operators will find it interesting and rewarding. 

We will begin listing names and E-mail address of available analysts and will continually 
update the list. Feedback in the accuracy of this contact information will be appreciated.

                                       Click here:  Talk to the Analysts


February 26, 2017

Prices for Restaurants are Sky-High Right Now

Of course, we're talking about entire chains changing hands, not Operator to
Operator sales.

Jonathan Maze @ NRN reports

February 22, 2017

Forecasting a McSpin Storm

McDonald's Corp. will be holding an "Investor Meeting" next Wednesday, March First.
We can expect a flurry of announcements and press releases about the second phase 
of  the "Turnaround". Some of this McDonald's operators will know about, some it will
be new to the field. 

Save the date.

Bloomberg on McDonald's Drink Discounting

Adam Salgado, vice president of U.S. marketing at Oak Brook: "Fast-food 
customers always are looking for a deal"

Wow, that's some impressive marketing insight!

McDonald's to cut drink prices

February 19, 2017

You're Fired! (or should be)

I know it's difficult to staff the restaurants but can't imagine letting people skip their
shifts to play politics and potentially harm my business.

But then I hear that McDonald's Corp. is telling Operators to not take action
against employees who skipped work for the protest.

Doesn't that kind of intimidation contradict the idea that McDonald's Corp. 
is not a joint-employer?

Company fires 18 employees after they participated in 'A Day Without Immigrants'

February 16, 2017

How McDonald’s Franchisees Can Best Manage Risk

Seems the greatest risk for a McDonald's Operator is taking financial and 
reinvestment advice from McDonald's Corp.

How McDonald’s Franchisees Can Best Manage Risk - Concannon Miller