Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 22, 2017

Forecasting a McSpin Storm

McDonald's Corp. will be holding an "Investor Meeting" next Wednesday, March First.
We can expect a flurry of announcements and press releases about the second phase 
of  the "Turnaround". Some of this McDonald's operators will know about, some it will
be new to the field. 

Save the date.


Anonymous said...

Easterbrook told Wall Street that he could and would take one half of a Billion dollars in cost off of the USA business P&L and Balance sheet by the end of 2018. Where is he on that? Anyone know? If he can do that it will point out how bad this company has been managed by the current group of management for many years. Closing stores, releasing staff, selling real estate, discontinuing useless programs, restricting travel, Having Worldwide convention every five years rather than every two years, continuing to reduce staff are but a few actions necessary. $500,000,000,000 is a lot of money to save on operations. I will be very interested to hear what is said about this.

Richard Adams said...

You can be sure he will be required to give an update on the cost cuts during the meeting with analysts.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the McDonald's business I once knew and Loved has gone away. The Analyst Call will be laced with all the things we see and hear in Chicago over the next 3 days and the 2 meetings that were prior. Due to the respect of the Non Disclosure Doc. I signed, I will not speak of details.

However, I am afraid that the O/O's that have attended these meetings will be portrayed as being completely on board during this call. This will be a total misrepresentation of the truth. There is way too much data and information to digest without getting other Professionals involved like our CPAs.

I for one will be evaluating if it is time to leave our system or is this a New Dawn. I am leaning toward it is time to leave.

However, Be Assured "This Train Has Left the Station".