Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 21, 2017

Analyst: Making A Better Wendy's

Report from RBC Capital Markets


Richard Adams said...

From the report: "Still, we worry that Wendy’s has increasingly depended on value to sustain sales momentum while Chick-fil-A continues to grow into Wendy's territories and value commitment at McDonald's seems to be increasing."

Anonymous said...

Chicago this morning says that MCD is cutting drink prices. First we've heard of it. Co-op meeting this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

$1 Any Size Soft Drink & $2 Small McCafé Blended Ice Beverages including Smoothies, Frappes and Shakes is a six month OPNAD priced promotion that has been voted in by most all Co-Ops it is a done deal your Co-Op does not even need to vote just a formality at this point. Deborah Wahl got her wish again one price point across the entire US no matter your cost of doing business. We should all just send in one flat rent payment!

Anonymous said...

We turned it down in the co-op then they took it National with OPNAD and we have to do it. Operators working against operators.