February 22, 2017

Bloomberg on McDonald's Drink Discounting

Adam Salgado, vice president of U.S. marketing at Oak Brook: "Fast-food 
customers always are looking for a deal"

Wow, that's some impressive marketing insight!

McDonald's to cut drink prices


Anonymous said...

Back to the future.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Salgado - Of course QSR customers are looking for a "deal" most everybody is, loyal customers no matter the product are looking for overall value that is what our menu board should reflect an overall "good value" not a "deal" Mr. Salgado you might not know this as I am not sure how much time you have spent working in restaurants or in any retail environment but customers looking for a "deal" are the most un-loyal customer and will leave for the next better deal. As a franchisee I do not want to be in the "deal" making business I want to offer my customers a good product at a fair price in a good environment and they will reward me with loyalty.

Richard Adams said...

He's a marketing guy so he's likely never run a business or dealt with real customers. But then, there's hardly anyone in McDonald's management with any real business experience, especially running restaurants. They learned about customer's wants and needs in college so they know more than a restaurant Operator.

Anonymous said...

This one is going to hurt. Get all your fluff off your P&L's.

Anonymous said...

This is the final straw for me. The breathtataking lack of "real life" business accumen from our new leaders has pointed me to the exit door. Twelve restaurants annd 35 years, I have sadly come to realize that this is no longer the company I have so loved.

Anonymous said...

Operators are looking around for an exit even the second generation guys. Most have been looking to Easterbrook to right the ship and he was off to a good start but it feels like the entrenched staff is getting impossible to overcome. I don't know what operator leadership is telling him but he needs to stay with the program he started. MCD really needs our own Trump.