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June 29, 2011

Good Quarter for Skinner

So far for the 2nd quarter Jim Skinner exercised options for
100,000 shares of MCD at $40.44 and on the same day sold 131,012
shares for a total sale of $10,044,690.

Jan Fields exercised 63,250 optioned shares priced between
$28.75 and $40.44 and immediately sold them for a total sale of

EDGAR reports HERE


June 22, 2011

Jack in the Box Yanks Toys from Kids' Meals

A very clever move by JIB. They sell few kid's meals so they can make
their larger competitors look like bad guys and subject them to even
more pressure from the food nazis.

Jack in the Box yanks toys from kids' meals | Reuters


June 13, 2011

Wendy’s/Arby’s to Sell Arby’s to Roark

The more these chain's go through changes in ownership, leadership, and direction the better things will be for the major players that don't go through such trauma.

Wendy’s/Arby’s to Sell Arby’s to Roark, Undoing Peltz Tie-Up - Businessweek


June 11, 2011

A True Story of How Big Money is Corrupting the Franchising Industry

I've not yet read the book but this is an interesting book review. It mentions the
most important word in franchising - Churning.

Like when a franchise company demands that a franchisee rebuild their landlord's
buildings. No matter what happens to the franchisee the landlord's real estate
empire is improved.

Dunk'd, A True Story of How Big Money is Corrupting the Franchising Industry | BlueMauMau


June 10, 2011

CNN Qoutes Analyst Mark Kalinoski

Video is HERE

Chains Moving Away From $1 Price Point

On the $1.00 Burger King Double Cheese:

"Burger King’s new ownership is too smart to want to repeat that
mistake. During its recent earnings call, Burger King EVP-CFO
Daniel Schwartz stressed that the chain’s focus from now on is
to “drive profitable sales.”

BurgerBusiness reports HERE:


June 9, 2011

McDonald's Co-Op Removes Ads That Offended Far Rockaway NY

Or at lteast one city councilman in Far Rockaway.

Ad agency people who have a snob's sense of
humor always get their clients in trouble.

McDonald's Removes Ads That Offended Far Rockaway, Councilman James Sanders


June 7, 2011

Crain's - McDonald's tells Australia, We'll Make Better Coffee

This reminds us of something .....
The Arch Deluxe commercials featuring kids turning up their nose
at adult burgers saying words like "Yuk!"

Negative advertising rarely ever works. This too will backfire.

McDonald's tells Australia, We'll make better coffee | Consumer | Crain's Chicago Business