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March 29, 2023

Two MCD Directors Retire - Not to be Replaced

Robert Eckert and John Rogers end 20 years on MCD BOD

The board will have 13 directors.

BK Franchisee Not Having it Their Way

Twenty Six Burger Kings to close in Michigan - Maze

Keeping Up With the NOA

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all up to speed with our reading? (especially difficult in these internet days).

McDonald's Owner/Operators, should pay attention to the recent E-mail from the National Owners Association. This issue is on different types of leadership styles. It's really well done.

The article asks, "What causes leaders to resort to intimidation and retaliatory tactics"? It then goes on to list five reasons along with discussion.

I can reduce those five to a two-word term: "Control Freak". 

We don't use that term enough when discussing the operation of a franchise system so we'll use it here more often.

Check out the latest from the NOA, if you're not a member, join.

And don't put up with the control freaks!

If You're Interested in the Environment

You should be following a guy named Bjorn Lomborg, Copenhagen Consensus Center president and author of "False Alarm". He has a non-political, common-sense approach to the environment. Here, in this five-minute interview, Bjorn dispels many of the silly stats the mainstream media regurgitates.

Fun fact - if we go all-electric on cars, heating, cooking, etc. our electric grid can't handle the load. But the environmentalists won't let the grid be expanded.

Larry Kudlow interviews Bjorn Lomborg - Fox News

As I go to press the interview is at the top of the page but Fox moves the links around. If it moves just look for the guy in the black T-shirt.


March 23, 2023

Starbucks CEO Concerned With Operations

"Mr. Narasimhan, who officially stepped in the CEO role on March 20, has for months immersed himself in the operations of the world’s largest coffee chain, including spending time as a barista at different cafes, he said." 

Starbucks CEO brews coffee at stores - subscription

According to Restaurant Business Online

March 16, 2023

New Development Officer for McDonald's

This press release is significant because it's unusual for McDonald's to make such a big deal out of hiring an executive from another chain. I don't see everything that Owner/Operators receive but I do see the public announcements. If I recall correctly this is the first time the company has distributed such a complete and nicely produced CV. That's very flattering for a new executive and on first read her experience is impressive.

But, does that experience apply to McDonald's? Both Chipotle and Panera operate about 4,000 locations each. There's plenty of room for both chains to add hundreds if not a thousand new locations in the USA. Finding those new locations should be a no-brainer. In a sense, the two chains are where McDonald's was in the '70s and '80s.

Today, McDonald's USA is in the business of filling holes in an already saturated marketplace. Sure there will always be population shifts and marketplace changes but they'll appear in small numbers. Does anyone at McDonald's Corp have any experience with cannibalization?

It's curious that management approaches the topic of growth as if McDonald's is on par with the smaller chains. At least that's how they want investors to think.

March 15, 2023

Link to Uncle Sam

The link to make an FTC comment is a little harder to find than it should be, but that's government (don't get me started).

In the right-hand corner of the press release is a clickable link to the comment section

Looks like this: Submit a Comment on Franchise 

                              Request for Information 

That should take you to a page with a dark blue bar in the middle. Click on that bar.

That should take you to a page with three tabs at the top, click on the tab that says "Browse Documents". That should give you a page with a small button in the center of the page that says, "Comment".

So, to get you started here's the press release again:

March 13, 2023

“Silicon Valley Bank Was in Many Ways a Climate Bank”

There it is! 

The bank, the largest to fail since 2008, worked with more than 1,550 technology firms that are creating solar, hydrogen and battery storage projects. According to its website, the bank issued them billions in loans.

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Threatens Climate Start-Ups

Don't Forget Franchising

With everything else happening be sure to check back on one of our more important topics. Don't let this get lost in the shuffle. There is some really great discussion and writing at:

FTC Seeks Comments on Franchising

How Do Your Bankers Use Their Time?


For comic relief, here’s a list of “cross-function working groups” from SVB’s 2022 ESG report: - Sustainable Finance Group: Develops strategy and monitors progress against SVB’s Climate Commitment • Investments Group: Reviews updates from our businesses on sustainability and investing-related initiatives and client engagement • Climate Risk Group: Recommends, monitors and supports implementation of climate risks  • Operational Climate Group: Monitors implementation of operational greenhouse gas reduction initiatives  • ESG Communications and Disclosures Group: Recommends ESG disclosure strategy  • Risk Group: Develops, monitors and supports implementation of ESG risk strategy and policy  • DEI Governance Group: Oversees and manages DEI disclosures and response to external inquiries  • Green Team: Focuses on internal sustainability interests and activities

March 12, 2023

Too Green to Fail

Late Sunday night and there is a lot of chatter on Twitter about the chances that many of the problems at SVB are connected to SVB's involvement with risky green and politically correct ventures. Will there be more taxpayer money spent to bail out investors looney enough to invest in such junk?

ESG/DEI ... Where Are The Adults?

Here's hoping everyone reading this does business with a strong, stable bank(s). But the lessons learned from SVB's failure should apply to all our banking, investments, and business decisions. If there's an economic downturn coming its causes are one part lousy decisions made in the White House and one part corporate distractions caused by silly things like ESG/DEI.

Tucker Carlson - Fifteen minutes of economic harshness

This is What SVB Has Been Doing Instead of Banking


March 9, 2023

Getting McLit


So the idea of this promotion is that you should get intoxicated, jump in the car, and head to McDonald's?

The Bigger They Are - Part Two

"Meridian operates restaurants in Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, North and South Dakota."

Large (118 stores) Burger King operator files for bankruptcy -

March 8, 2023

Another Interesting PragerU Video

The future of our food depends on fossil fuels, ie: fertilizer

Not enough fertilizer = not enough food

These PragerU videos are smart because they are only 5 to 7 minutes long. Yes, they ask for a donation but that's up to the viewer.

March 7, 2023

Those Are Some Surprised Customers!


Drive-Thru canopy falls on several cars (Tracey CA)

I learned early in my home-building career that slapping heavy Spanish tiles on a roof designed for asphalt or wood shingles can create problems. In a full-size home, the building becomes top-heavy and can be really exciting during an earthquake.

March 6, 2023

Lawsuits at Top Ten Franchises

Have you ever read though your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)? No? You're not alone.

Franchise Times has done some of the leg work for you. Here's a hint, you're supposed to receive a current FDD when you receive a new or rewritten franchise.

Beth reviews the lawsuit activity for the top ten brands:

From Franchise Times - Beth Ewen

Coming to an America Near You

Nitrogen 2000: The Dutch Farmers' Struggle - Trailer

Nitrogen 2000 is a 30-minute documentary being released in the winter of 2022 about the struggle of dutch cattle farmers to keep their land. The Dutch government is seeking to regulate them out of existence using the argument that their Nitrogen levels are too high. This short documentary covers the issues and speaks to the best-positioned people to explain the story. Please donate to the film: Here is an article by the director explaining the story:

March 3, 2023

IFA Blasts Biden Choice for Labor Department Job

The onetime labor lawyer “will help fulfill our pledge to be the most pro-worker administration in history,” Vice President Kamala Harris said.

Julie Su has been a foe of business throughout her public service career