Coalition of Franchisee Associations

March 29, 2023

Two MCD Directors Retire - Not to be Replaced

Robert Eckert and John Rogers end 20 years on MCD BOD

The board will have 13 directors.


Anonymous said...

seems fishy 2 me.

Anonymous said...

Who nominates new directors? Then how far after nomination are they elected by the shareholders? Franchisees should get involved with supporting and or not supporting nominated directors, wonder if any nominated board of directors would be willing to answer questions with the NOA or NFLA. Organizational groups can then give an endorsement or not-endorse. New times and new strategies to protect our interest and equity.

Richard Adams said...

Let's not be overly excited about the influence of the corporate directors. This current board will likely take their marching orders from the CEO since he was the one who "hired" them to serve on the MCD board. As long as the numbers come in right they'll give him free reign.

Anonymous said...

Point two above is very interesting if possible