Coalition of Franchisee Associations

November 28, 2016

Iowa Operator Bankruptcy - Part II

The previously mentioned McDonald's Operator bankruptcy has created a stir,
unfortunately leaving many questions unanswered. Following legal proceedings
can be very frustrating. The attorneys can't talk about the case and typically 
instruct their clients not to talk to anyone. 

In this environment the media can only report on what has been filed with the 
courts. And, since few civil cases go to an actual trial, there are rarely public 
proceedings to follow.

And when a civil matter does go to trail the presiding judge usually frowns on
"trying the case in the press". Trust me, I've had many opportunities to connect 
eager reporters with franchisee plaintiffs but their attorneys usually kill the 
idea. And in big-bucks litigation your attorney is your boss.

The initial document filed on 1/18/16 is only five pages long and was filed with 
the Southern District Court of Iowa and is available (with some effort) at:

To access documents on the website you'll need to establish a "PACER" case 
locator  account  on the home page which I found to be laborious but doable. 
It's almost as if the legal establishment doesn't want citizens to have easy 
access to information.

The case number is 16-02263 and is Document #14

November 17, 2016

Walk Right In - Sit Right Down

Reuters reports on McDonald's big city kiosks

A statement that is both stupid and arrogant at the same time.

"Demonstrating returns is key to convincing franchisees to make the switch, 
executives said. In a video, one UK executive said sales grew 8 percent in 
downtown London as a result of the initiative.
"People may not always like to change, but people like to make money," 
Kempczinski told Reuters."

Have MCD Execs Ever Seen a Store With a Drive-Thru?

Question of the day: Why is Oak Brook focused on initiatives that don't apply to Drive-Thru?

McDonald’s Introduces Screen Ordering and Table Service - The New York Times

November 8, 2016

November 1, 2016

Lie Down With Dogs - Part Deux

According to notes from the recent NLC meeting the contemptible Robert Gibbs is giving McDonald's Operators political advice. Talk about letting the fox into the barnyard ! 

Making predictions is a risky business but I think his future will go in one of two directions.

If Hillary Clinton wins the White House Gibbs will have an opportunity to leave McDonald's 
and go to work for organized labor joining their reenergized efforts to organize McDonald's 
and eventually the entire industry. With the internal knowledge he's gained at McDonald's 
he would be a great asset to the SEIU and others.

If Hillary Clinton does not win the election the Clinton crime family will go down in flames. 
Keep in mind, the Democrat party has historically been dominated by family hierarchies: 
Roosevelts, Kennedys, Clintons, etc. If the Clintons have to spend the rest of their lives 
avoiding prison they won't have much political clout. The party will be leaderless. Into that
void will step the Obama family.  Lacking a taxpayer funded staff they will need to bring 
together their loyal henchmen to rebuild the Democrat party. Gibbs could be a key figure 
in that reconstruction and go on to be a power player in the  2018 and 2020 elections. 

It's unlikely Gibbs will be around to celebrate his two year anniversary in Oak Brook. But, 
along the way, he'll have done great harm to the McDonald's Operator community. Nothing 
good can result from taking business advice from a liberal.