Coalition of Franchisee Associations

November 1, 2016

Lie Down With Dogs - Part Deux

According to notes from the recent NLC meeting the contemptible Robert Gibbs is giving McDonald's Operators political advice. Talk about letting the fox into the barnyard ! 

Making predictions is a risky business but I think his future will go in one of two directions.

If Hillary Clinton wins the White House Gibbs will have an opportunity to leave McDonald's 
and go to work for organized labor joining their reenergized efforts to organize McDonald's 
and eventually the entire industry. With the internal knowledge he's gained at McDonald's 
he would be a great asset to the SEIU and others.

If Hillary Clinton does not win the election the Clinton crime family will go down in flames. 
Keep in mind, the Democrat party has historically been dominated by family hierarchies: 
Roosevelts, Kennedys, Clintons, etc. If the Clintons have to spend the rest of their lives 
avoiding prison they won't have much political clout. The party will be leaderless. Into that
void will step the Obama family.  Lacking a taxpayer funded staff they will need to bring 
together their loyal henchmen to rebuild the Democrat party. Gibbs could be a key figure 
in that reconstruction and go on to be a power player in the  2018 and 2020 elections. 

It's unlikely Gibbs will be around to celebrate his two year anniversary in Oak Brook. But, 
along the way, he'll have done great harm to the McDonald's Operator community. Nothing 
good can result from taking business advice from a liberal.


Anonymous said...

If the OBAMA family has anything to do with rebuilding the Democratic party you can expect that there will be a huge Muslim influence and a clear drift toward sheria law. This may happen anyway even if she is elected because she compromised. It is an important time for survial of democracy and America.

Anonymous said...

WHEN will McD operators realize that the LIBERALS are anti-business?
And Oak Brook supports LIBERALS !!!

Anonymous said...

What can the operators do about it? Nothing.

Richard Adams said...

Operators can shut down the PACs?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...