Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 15, 2017

Who's The McBoss?

"Beyond asking franchisees to pitch in for upgrading restaurants—work that could 
set them back millions of dollars—McDonald's is pressuring owner-operators to cede 
even more control to Oak Brook over a particularly sensitive issue to franchisees: 
menu discounts and deals."

McDonald's reasserting its authority over franchisees - Crain's Chicago Business

Kudos to those Operators who worked with Peter on this Crain's article.

April 13, 2017

Corp Argues Against Franchisee Director in 2016 Proxy

Top left corner of the page - click on "Table of Contents". On table of contents - scroll to 
the bottom of the first page and look for page 66 or "Proposal No. 8". Click either one:

Link to McDonald's 2016 Proxy filing

There are "robust lines of communication" between the Board of Directors and franchisees
because the CEO tells the Board what the franchisees are thinking.

Burger Options

The average American has 17 different burger options on a 10-minute drive

Well, the "Turnaround" is Working For Someone!

McDonald's CEO received compensation worth $15.4 million

Up from $7.9 million in 2015

April 11, 2017

Tuesday Morning McGossip

* If McDonald's USA is in a "Turnaround" why is OPNAD already discussing value and         discounting programs for 2018? It's only April.

* Is the difficulty in changing POS menu prices a way for Oak Brook to control menu 
prices in general?

April 4, 2017

Anti-Business Unions Still Active in Europe

McDonald's allegedly used antitrust practices that raised consumer costs

Rearranging More McDeck Chairs

Deborah Wahl to leave McDonald's - WSJ

The new U.S marketing chief officer is from Pepsico. Will that make the folks at
Coke a little nervous?

The Oak Brook obsession with Starbucks continues. The new head of McDonald's
USA Menu is a three year veteran of Starbucks.

The corporate press release is HERE