April 18, 2017

Who Pays to Run This Ad - Coke or McDonald's Operators?

                            McDonald's Is Nowhere in Its Latest Campaign - AdAge



Anonymous said...

If this promotion doesn't work it will be all the Operators Fault. NOT.

I am sure I do not understand Marketing, I am just an Operator.

Anonymous said...

...and the blogs and the advertisers have taken that phrase and pushed mcdonalds out of the search results.

Richard Adams said...

From Chicago Business Journal:

"Except there's one teensy concern related to this clever, socially-media savvy slice of advertising that We Are Unlimited has cooked up for McDonald's: Does it really make sense for McDonald's to be doing this social media schtick focused on Coca-Cola, a product that is so readily available in so many places in the marketplace?

Nothing about Coca-Cola screams that McDonald's is a special place. If anything, the Coca-Cola theme makes the fast food behemoth seem even more run-of-the-mill than usual — not the brand positioning McDonald's really needs at this point."

Anonymous said...

And it would taste even better IF Coke returned to the ORIGINAL SUGAR formulation, not crappy HFCS.