April 11, 2017

Tuesday Morning McGossip

* If McDonald's USA is in a "Turnaround" why is OPNAD already discussing value and         discounting programs for 2018? It's only April.

* Is the difficulty in changing POS menu prices a way for Oak Brook to control menu 
prices in general?


Anonymous said...

The difficulty in changing Menu prices is most definitely Corps attempt to control them.We may not have McD as a joint employer according to the courts, but we most certainly WORK FOR THEM

Anonymous said...

These are the worst of times. New US leadership (new president) has decided to lead with blackmail, intimidation and bullying tactics. Moreover, his style is one of arrogance and disdain for those of us that have dedicated numerous decades of our lives building good will and profit for brand MCD.

Spending one's way to success through increasing debt will NOT work. The new US presidents projects are flawed, untested and fiction of his own imaginary world. MCD's long term opportunity to turn lost transactions will not happen without field support. Support is minimal outside of a small number of NLC PUPPETS posing as franchisee leadership representatives. For now, we are doomed to continue a downward transaction spiral.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have 400,000 PROFITABLE transactions than 500,000 UNPROFITABLE transactions.Excessive Discounting helps only one entity-McDonalds Corp.