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August 31, 2016

There's a McPattern Here...

Whenever McDonald's Corp. installs a CEO who lacks an operations background
he sets about getting rid of executives with operational knowledge. It happened
with Greenberg and it's happening with this guy. By the time they make the move
to the new offices there will be no one working there who's ever run a restaurant.

McDonald's taps relative outsider to lead key US business - AP

More Deck Chairs?

The new McDonald's USA president has been with the company for eleven months?

August 15, 2016

August 13, 2016

Boomers Move In on Millennial Housing Stock

While retailers and restaurateurs try to figure out how to market to millennials
home builders are really missing the mark. It's one thing to try to sell the wrong
McWrap - how about building the wrong subdivision?

From Builder Magazine

Retailers Suffer as Services Take Off -- WSJ

Retailers Suffer as Services Take Off - WSJ

August 5, 2016

Simplification is Dead - Long Live Simplification

It's been obvious from the first draft of the Plan to Win that McDonald's management
was not serious about simplifying the menu and the operation. Changing the term 
"Simplification" to "Optimization" is an attempt to hide the problem and distract the

Meanwhile management will be obsessed with political correctness and will continue 
striving to be all things to all people.

August 2, 2016

Logan's Roadhouse Near Foreclosure?

We occasionally have fun here keeping track of former McDonald's corporate bureaucrats 
and once in a while its good to review the track record of current corporate execs.

For instance - let's check in on Logan's Roadhouse where Mike Andres spent 18 months as 
CEO before returning to McDonald's.

Parent company LRI Holdings is in trouble with its lenders and their current forbearance 
period ends in mid-August.

The company has lost more than $300 million over the past three years. Andres was CEO
of Logan's during the first of those three years and has been back at McDonald's for the 
past two years. Apparently the damage was too severe to repair.

Say what you want about Mike Andres but his timing is impeccable.

Logan’s lenders agree to extend forbearance again - Nashville Post

McDonald's Executive "Retiring"

Based on the corporate chatter on-line, the move into Chicago, and recent
retirements it appears that anyone with long term employment with McDonald's
Corp. has a target on thier back.

McDonald's executive retiring, another change for company

We're From The Government and Are Here to Help

Dangerous stuff - U.S. Department of Labor is pushing Subway closer to being a
"Joint Employer".

Subway reaches labor deal with regulators