Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 8, 2016

Now That All Our Cars Have Cupholders...

Only in New Jersey: Bill would ban motorists from drinking coffee and driving


Anonymous said...

Hope and change, that sounds familiar.

I wish I could share your optimism but I think we're in for far worse in the future as operators. The food will get better which is great and something many of us have been asking for awhile, but operations will continue to be harder on the crew because the staff and Oakbrook will not understand the impact of changes on operations.

Also easterbrook's easiest job is to clear out $500m in g&a. And fool with a hatchet can do that. And yes the stock will do well, but where is the future growth going to come from? Ask Burger King what this looks like, he basically just lifted their playbook. Just wait until hot dogs are rolled out!

We're still spending money on in store "experience" more than we are on 2/3
Of our business at drive thru. I cannot force my customers to eat inside, yet that's where I'm being led to spend money on mccafe and digital menu boards and soon kiosks!

I'm still waiting for our app to be worth a damn!

Easterbrook will get his bonuses though, especially that golden parachute!

Anonymous said...

They should ban political messages on the radio too as they distract me and I get all worked up when I here them!

Anonymous said...

Nothing ever surprises me. We continue to think too far behind. Higher wages are coming but we have no technology that will help with this. I am at a loss. I thought our Chief Communications Officer was supposed to tell our story. I thought our Chief Marketing Officer was supposed to be inventive.

Anonymous said...

The CMO is CLUELESS! She doesn't understand the business and is obsessed with having opnad control the system. She wants to consolidate co-ops, which will be a disaster and further reduce the owners voice. She'd also like to eliminate local agencies as a means to get more control.

Anonymous said...

Where are the promised KIOSKS ??