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January 31, 2015

Steve Easterbrook the McDonald’s Man?

Why Steve Easterbrook is McDonald’s man - MarketWatch

Opinion Journal: Fast Food Comeback?

Holman Jenkins discusses his hamburger views with WSJ's Mary Kissel

Opinion Journal: Fast Food Comeback?

CNBC's Cramer on Easterbook

Cramer: "the franchises have to be won over before they can win over the customers. Thompson lost the franchisers, the most important constituency. If they turn around 
the franchisers, Cramer says, then the customers will come back."

Call them "franchisers" or "franchisees" Cramer's right

January 30, 2015

A Great Ad !

McDonald's Egg McMuffin TV Commercial, 'With This Ring' -

The Next McDonald’s Turnaround

There are a lot of smart people working at the Wall Street Journal and Holman Jenkins 
is one of the smartest. He also has a common sense approach to business.

In the mid-1990s McDonald's CEO Mike Quinlain had a string of failures but the board 

of directors left him in the job. Holman Jenkins published a column asking why Qunilain 
was still running McDonald's. I don't recall the exact timing but Jack Greenberg soon 
replaced him.

McDonald's Operator's might enjoy Holman's take on the future of McDonald's. 

Holman Jenkins: The Next McDonald’s Turnaround - WSJ

MCD Franchisees Want The New CEO To Get Rid Of Huge Menu

Reuters refers to our latest Operator survey

January 28, 2015

What About the "Turnaround Summit"?

Do they still have the meeting? Does the new guy move forward with Thompson's
"Turnaround Agenda" Or do they start from scratch?

If they start from scratch they've only got a month to develop a new plan and put

together a new meeting.

CNBC on Changes at MCD

CNBC panel discussion -Video

Downsizing in Oak Brook

McDonald's Announces Key Management Changes

January 27, 2015

McDonald's layoffs start on Wednesday

MCD layoffs start on Wednesday.

Everybody Wants to Give Away Your Food

There's lots of talk today about discounting or giving away product and there's 
an entirely new avenue on the horizon for people to give away a franchisee's profits.

I've been following the restaurant industry's obsession with digital payment and 
ordering. There's a code word in that business: "Loyalty". Not a new term in
marketing but what better way to make customers "loyal" than to provide them
with a app for their phone that's all about freebies and discounts?

By necessity these platforms will be controlled by the home office of the franchisor,
or worse, the advertising agency(s). How do franchisees monitor how much product
is being given away?

January 24, 2015

An Earnings Conference Call About "Nothing"

During a  "Bizarro World" call on Friday McDonald's management spent the morning
trying to convince investors they could succeed in the pricey premium sandwich arena.

And in the afternoon OPNAD sent an E-mail to McDonald's Operators stating:

"It's important to note that the Dollar Menu & More Value Platform is not going away"

This Headline Says It All

McDonald’s tried to be all things to all people. It didn’t work. - WaPo

January 21, 2015

The Greenberg Management Approach

  1. I posted a link to a CNBC video on Twitter. Someone (obviously
    from Oak Brook) replied with a tired old line trying to blame things
    on lazy Operators.
    McDonald's franchisees brace for sales slowdown
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  2. We should call this the gloom & doom McD report. Maybe the OO needs to spend less time golfing & actually get in the grill.

Gas Prices Helping Restaurants?

Yes, gas prices are helping restaurants - NRN

Gasp! Freedom of Speech in McDonaldland

McDonald's Operators: Cut McCafe, Happy Meal Choices - BurgerBusiness

January 19, 2015

McDonald's Turnaround Agenda

A few weeks ago Businessweek published an article pointing out that much of the modern 
rhetoric coming out of the McDonald's executive suites is nearly identical to the plans 
proposed by Jack Greenberg and Mike Roberts in 1997-98.

We linked to the Businessweek article HERE

And then - Pull out a copy of the McDonald's USA 2004 Plan To Win - Some of the headlines

are different but the PTW is strikingly similar to today's "Turnaround Agenda".

The Plan To Win appears to have worked because it was "back to the basics". If the Turnaround Agenda is intended to "reinvent" McDonald's it could possibly do more harm 

than good.

Tim Hortons Looks to Succeed in U.S.

Canadian Fast Food Brand Tim Hortons Looks to Succeed in US - QSR mag.

               Click on chart for larger image.

Hardee’s Self-Ordering Kiosks

This is actually a Microsoft commercial but it's interesting to see how Hardee's is 
tackling digital ordering.

Watch "Hardee’s new customer self-ordering kiosks" at nrn:

January 12, 2015

Thanks for the Feedback and Comments !

We've gotten some great comments from visitors to this website. If one just scrolls down
through the posts it's easy to find posts that have "comments" and those that do not.

The most comment action is On This Post.

What Sonic Gets That McDonald’s Doesn’t

The Washington Post reports

January 5, 2015

Chipotle Has a Direction - McDonald's Has Several

Sam Oches, the writer of this article, tweeted "McDonald's, Chipotle,
and a tale of two brands heading in opposite directions".

Heck, McDonald's, with "Menu Simplification" and "Build-A-Burger"
is all by itself headed in opposite directions.

QSR Magazine reports