January 29, 2015

McDonald's Turnaround Will Be Tough

Industry experts: McDonald's Corp.'s turnaround will be tough - NRN


Anonymous said...


Oh REALLY ?? Then kindly explain how the corp, WITHOUT A FIELD VOTE, and with only SEVEN DAYS notice, forced the Super Bowl Free Food "Lovin" giveaway down the systems throat ???

OPNAD is impotent, and Corp is led by Marketers who only know how to give away food.

Our new slogan should have been- "McDonalds - Food so bad we have to GIVE IT AWAY"

Anonymous said...

My advice is not to over analize things. I'm a strong proponent of local store marketing and actively inviting and asking customers to come into the stores. Everyone knows the menu is a problem. Everyone knows debt is too high. Everyone knows we have made this business more complex than it needs to be. MCD is MCD's biggest enemy. Going down to 13 regions is a good thing. The front counter and the drive-thru window is where the money comes from to run this business. Take care of those customers with simple, fast service, hot quality food cooked properly and consistently with known products. Stop trying to be all things to all groups. Sell what sells and sell what is profitable.

Anonymous said...

The "Brand" is going thru an Identity Crisis. It must stay true to itself, but to change a perception is very difficult especially if you try to disguise it with "feel good" advertisements. Consumers are savvy. If you are a Mother with a new child, and you just found out that there are multiple ingredients in our "World Famous" Fries,you are not going to give them to your child, and a new generation lost. I now think twice. I used to ask myself why InNOut fries seemed a little bland, but maybe this is the way a fresh cut fries should taste, and I have grown to enjoy them. Fix the Food, Fix the Problem