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January 9, 2015

A Great McDonald's Ad - Because It's So Simple

McDonald's Launches Next Step in Brand Refresh - AdAge


Anonymous said...

That particular ad is good, but the new ad campaign in general is HORRIBLE- stick figures, cartoons and NO FOOD SHOTS ! Its Laughable.

Richard Adams said...

The animated ads look like they were done by one of the interns at Burnett but the Big Mac ad is kind of cool because it's "in your face" to the Food Police.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see the McDonald's TV Spot during the Late Play Off football game ?? The Commercial has got to be WORST I have ever seen,it looked like a KIDS COMMERCIAL for ROMPER ROOM !!! It had appeal for the 3 to 4 Years old KIDS !! Any CEO that would approve a TV SPOT like that should be working for KERMIT the FROG,Are you LISTENING Mr.Thompson (McDonald's CEO),Time for you to GO !!!