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January 15, 2015

Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc?

Michael Keaton in Talks to Star in the Story of McDonald's Mogul


Anonymous said...

If you bother to read the article,it describes the movie as the "dark" story about Kroc and McDonalds. It's another hit piece and bad PR for McD

Richard Adams said...

Anything that comes out of Hollywood is going to cast a negative light on business and business people.

Anonymous said...

Kroc was a true capitalist with a nose for business opportunity. This does not play well with Hollywood and they can slant it anyway they wish. My guess is that they will attempt to make the McDonald brothers look like victims. They were offered stock but preferred cash in the sale and that was their mistake similar to Harlan Saunders in his sale of KFC. The story line could go either way. That of two hard working brothers that were taken in by a slick hustler from the big city or a forward thinking capitalist that assumed huge risk and hard work to build an unbelievable business enterprise. If they want to they can dig up plenty of dirt on Kroc in his personal life but the real story is his "home run" with MCD.