Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 26, 2009

Fast-Food Chains Go After Sit-Down Customers

"(MCD) has expanded tests of three varieties of
an Angus burger, a one-third pound burger patty
on a higher-end bun, to 1,100 stores, and it's
pleased with results thus far, spokeswoman
Danya Proud said."

WSJ article is HERE


February 2, 2009

How Much Advertising is Too Much Advertising?

On page nine of the aforementioned investor call transcript Ralph Alvarez
talks about the reduction in the cost of GRPs in the USA.

Isn't this a good time to look at rolling back the percentages
paid to OPNAD and Co-Ops to compensate for other P&L increases?

Why continue to give the Oak Brook bureaucrats (and the agencies)
more and more money to waste?