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February 26, 2009

Fast-Food Chains Go After Sit-Down Customers

"(MCD) has expanded tests of three varieties of
an Angus burger, a one-third pound burger patty
on a higher-end bun, to 1,100 stores, and it's
pleased with results thus far, spokeswoman
Danya Proud said."

WSJ article is HERE



Richard Adams said...

I'm here to tell you - McDonald's Operators really, really, really need to check out:

A) Angus ADUs in Southern California.

B) The investment in grill and other equipment upgrades.

Anonymous said...

Why the attitude about Angus? Here in So Cal our big hit for 2008 was the Chipotle Angus. We sell maybe 4or 5 a day!

Anonymous said...

We havent even implemented CBB yet and theyre expanding Angus? What do they think operators are ? Made of money? And in a recession/depression yet ! With large National lenders NOT lending $$$$ (BOA). I cut my draw 40% this year. When will Skinner et al??

Richard Adams said...

And yet - Skinner told analysts on the Jan. 26 earnings call - "We expect the average franchise restaurant to see slightly positive cash flow growth for 2008"