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September 23, 2020

Just My Personal Political Opinion

Small business owners should not participate in "Get Out The Vote" efforts.

Citizens who are not registered and don't vote are generally uninterested and uninformed. They will then depend on mainstream media to make their decisions. And all big government ideas sound good to them. Emotional ballot language works on them. Do we want such people to decide the future of our country?

Before you get involved in such efforts, ask yourself:

* Will my customers vote in the best interests of my business?

* Will my employees vote in the best interests of my business?

* Will uninformed citizens vote in the best interests of my business?

And, there is no such thing as a "non-partisan business coalition" or any political organization that is "non-partisan". They are all, at the core, liberal, pro-big government entities.

There are certainly non-partisan people who don't know anything about politics or care. Anyone who would build or work for a supposedly non-partisan organization is almost certain to be a big-government liberal and will stealthily steer the organization in that direction.

Having said all that, I would never attempt to stop or discourage another citizen from voting or would I be involved in any kind of disenfranchisement.

However, if I have a liberal, big government neighbor (and I do) I will not block his driveway so he can't go to the polls on November 3rd. But, if his car won't start I will decline to drive him to the polling place so he can cancel out my vote.

As illustrated on this website every day, the interests of small business owners is very different from the interests of large, multinational corporations. And these large companies are often run by card-carrying liberals who love big government despite the damage government does to the owners of small businesses.

Just asking you to think about it before you participate.


Why McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Should Not Return

 Jonathan Maze - Restaurant Business

September 16, 2020

100,000 Restaurant Closures Expected in 2020

I've tried to stay away from much of the negative news in the restaurant industry because 
it's depressing and kind of scary. But since much of the bad news doesn't apply to QSRs 
with drive-thrus here's a comprehensive article on the industry and the current political 
situation in Washington D.C.

I'd think this would be good news for QSRs as people have to eat someplace and I'm sure
they are sick of eating at home. One problem - when Operators get sales increases in the 
future they might not know why. Whats working and what's not? The corporate guys will 
take all the credit but maybe it's just a different industry?

100,000 Restaurant Closures Expected in 2020 - QSR magazine

September 14, 2020

Defending Travis Scott

Some of the comments herein and other communications with McDonald's Owner/Operators appear to blame Travis Scott for being affiliated with McDonald's. And some had no idea that the rap genre contained such vulgar language.

First, Scott made himself famous. Then, in a search for celebrity promotional partners, McDonald's Corporation chased him until he caught them. On one hand, you have to admire his creativity and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, I can't support any "artist" who records spoken pornography and sells it to junior high kids.

But he didn't invent rap. The rap genre dates back to the late 1970s. Many of us became
aware of it through artists like MC Hammer. His biggest hit "U Can't Touch This" was an enjoyable, catchy song with fairly sanitized lyrics. I still enjoy it. But folks, that was thirty
years ago.

Somewhere rap went astray and we ended up with famous rappers like Eminem. At least
that was the guy I found my youngest son listening to as he entered high school. That was
fifteen years ago.

Responsibility for the fact that McDonald's Corp. is now part of the rap scene is 110% on McDonald's management and no one else. They are the ones who don't understand McDonald's historical culture.

Since rap has been around for a while why hasn't McDonald's gotten involved with rap celebrities before? It's because the company was run by people like Jim Skinner and Jim Cantalupo who understood the importance of building a company with actual values.

This generation of "leaders" just wants to be modern and progressive - and gross.

September 6, 2020

What is McDonald's HQ Thinking?

The past month has seen some huge contradictions for the McDonald's brand. The
Easterbrook soap opera stays in the news and McDonald's management's 
holier-than-thou response is to talk about "values".

Out of the other side of their "values" management has gone all-in to partner with 
a rapper who (like most rappers) glorifies obscene language, sex, drugs, misogyny, 
and racism.

How can a corporation have "values" and then partner with a celebrity who promotes 
the lowest in human behavior?

I remember when McDonald's was a family restaurant chain.

I know, you're thinking it's a generational thing and I wouldn't understand. You'd be 
right that I don't understand how anyone of any age could listen to such garbage or 
pay to hear it. But the generational gap I find frustrating is that many McDonald's Owner/Operators in their 40s/50s/60s might not know what their marketing budget 
is supporting.

But don't take my word for it, read for yourself. Below is a link to McDonald's new 
partner's recent lyrics. 

How are your "values" doing now?

September 1, 2020

Three Big Questions on McDonald’s War with Easterbrook

"What’s more, it has raised questions from franchisees, who’ve seen significant changes 
under Easterbrook and now question them given the company’s current allegations. “Operators are pissed,” one franchisee said."

By Jonathan Maze - Restaurant Business