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September 23, 2020

Why McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Should Not Return

 Jonathan Maze - Restaurant Business


Anonymous said...

Its a no brainer. ADB slows service times. Unfortunately MCD will eventually mandate it because they only care about top line sales. Customers be damned.

Anonymous said...

It was a flop. It dropped morning sales, to cater to a small fractional shift to those too lazy to get up in the morning. You know what, eat a burrito or oatmeal if you're too lazy to get up.

The ROD Breakfast numbers will shift back to the AM - and if they focus on QUALITY and PLATTERS, we sell what we advertise.

But that is what MARKETING is all about - SALES! MCD just needs to find a philosophy other than DISCOUNTING. Perhaps our next leadership needs to have CHICK-FIL-A experience.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't return, but it will.

Stock analysts and media types love it, so management will cave and force owprators to hurt their own businesses with ABD.

Anonymous said...

We're our own worst enemy. It's amazing to me, how many poor decisions coops can make and yet we still thrive. It's a great brand, but operators don't seem to understand that we're in the business to make money! not brag about debt loads, not discount everything, etc. Defund Opnad.