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September 14, 2020

Defending Travis Scott

Some of the comments herein and other communications with McDonald's Owner/Operators appear to blame Travis Scott for being affiliated with McDonald's. And some had no idea that the rap genre contained such vulgar language.

First, Scott made himself famous. Then, in a search for celebrity promotional partners, McDonald's Corporation chased him until he caught them. On one hand, you have to admire his creativity and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, I can't support any "artist" who records spoken pornography and sells it to junior high kids.

But he didn't invent rap. The rap genre dates back to the late 1970s. Many of us became
aware of it through artists like MC Hammer. His biggest hit "U Can't Touch This" was an enjoyable, catchy song with fairly sanitized lyrics. I still enjoy it. But folks, that was thirty
years ago.

Somewhere rap went astray and we ended up with famous rappers like Eminem. At least
that was the guy I found my youngest son listening to as he entered high school. That was
fifteen years ago.

Responsibility for the fact that McDonald's Corp. is now part of the rap scene is 110% on McDonald's management and no one else. They are the ones who don't understand McDonald's historical culture.

Since rap has been around for a while why hasn't McDonald's gotten involved with rap celebrities before? It's because the company was run by people like Jim Skinner and Jim Cantalupo who understood the importance of building a company with actual values.

This generation of "leaders" just wants to be modern and progressive - and gross.


Anonymous said...

It would be very enlightening to know if Top Management and the BOD have personally read the lyric's that are Mr. Scotts stock and trade and how many of them have daughters. Regardless, of how successful this promotion may be is this the behavior we want to endorse toward woman? These lyric's are very graphic and no imagination is required to know what the message is about the function of women in these songs. It would not surprise me to see a huge backlash from the "Me Too" and other Women's groups. What do the female employee's of MCD Corp. feel about all of this? During this time in America of social unrest much of it centered on the attitude toward minorities and women. It is amazing how tone deft this promotion is regarding these issues. Maybe it is just me but I can't imagine women thinking of themselves in this way.

Anonymous said...

Still, with 95% of the restaurants.. you have to ask yourself the usefulness of NFLA and OPNAD. Doesnt seem like much...

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many stores McD promised OPNADs Vickie Chancellor for her to turn a blind eye to the Scott filth?

#Defund OPNAD,not Police

Anonymous said...

Fund NOA. Defund OPNAD.

Anonymous said...

Takes a simple message from NOA leadership, to its membership - DONT RENEW YOUR OPNAD PLEDGE.

Then have an alternative organization set-up to reenergize a NATIONAL campaign - solely focused on EMPLOYER IMAGE, QUALITY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Leaving the instore and local store marketing (LSM) to the COOPS.