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March 20, 2024

Anonymous is Anonymous

A friend sent a note asking me to check to see if their comment came through as “anonymous” with no identifying info. This reminds me that I should make my annual remarks about how this website works.

To comment in any way other than “anonymous,” one must sign in with a user ID and E-mail address. Then, after writing their comment, they confirm all of the information. That requires a lot of conscious effort versus just clicking on anonymous. Few people have ever done that.

Most importantly, as the administrator of this website, I approve everything that gets posted or commented on. If a person were to do anything but post anonymously, I wouldn’t approve it, and the information would disappear into the ether. So, it’s impossible for someone to accidentally display their identity.

There’s another security aspect here - the website and your E-mail have nothing to do with each other. My E-mail server is a completely different service than the website - two different vendors. There’s no connection. That’s why we don’t have one of those “contact us” forms on the website. My E-mail address is displayed, but it’s not a click-thru.

Just because you are in my E-mail address book doesn’t mean a thing. The website doesn't know you exist.

You are accessing the website through the weblink, not your E-mail account.

So please relax and make some anonymous comments.

March 19, 2024

Greenberg Last to Serve as McDonald's CEO and Chairman

Greenberg to retire from McDonald's - QSR mag - December 2002

Greenberg's failures weaken same-store sales - LA Times - December 2002

“They should drastically slow the pace of new store openings in the United States, preferably to zero,” said David Kolpak, an analyst with Victory Capital Management.

Three Reasons to Separate CEO and Chair Positions

The issue of whether holding both roles reduces the effectiveness of the board is a hot topic and often rears its head at shareholder meetings - Investopedia

Google this: "serve as chair of board and ceo"

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In many companies, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) also serves as the chair of the board, also known as the COB (chairperson of the board)This is common in large companies, especially those that have grown quickly and still retain the founder in these roles. However, some say that the two roles should be separated to strengthen the company's overall integrity. The dual roles can involve governance risks, such as conflict of interest and excessive concentration of power, which can lead to financial, operational, and reputational issues. 

March 8, 2024

McDonald's Insider Trades

Yahoo finance looks at MCD insider trades

Keeping the System Out of Date

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a copy of McDonald’s corporate “Global Daily Briefing. “ The most recent version (3/4/24) differs from previous releases, but I can’t tell when changes occurred.

Previously, the vendor that put the briefing together threw in the kitchen sink with almost any headline, including topics that weren’t all that positive for McDonald’s or didn’t fit into the then corporate agenda.

The recent publication is more condensed and is apparently limited to topics that MCDHQ would like employees and Owners to absorb, buying into a bit of brainwashing.

For instance, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) are discussed as though it was 2022, and the concepts had not been discredited over and over again. Companies are now embarrassed to admit ESG has been a priority, and DEI is being recognized as a new form of corporate-sponsored racism. 

Current polls on any political topic tell us that Americans have moved past issues such as ESG and DEI.

But MCDHQ marches on - as woke as ever and as antiquated as an EV charging station.