Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 27, 2008

WSJ on McCafe

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

"McDonald's Coffee Strategy Is Tough Sell" and
mentions franchisee concerns.

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If you are not a subscriber please check back
and we will find a free site that reruns the
article. Meanwhile check out this financial
weblog about changes to McCafe.

McDonald's coffee drinks not getting customers buzzed?


October 9, 2008

Huge Victory for McDonald's Owner/Operators!

Oak Brook has completely reversed themselves in
their support of the National Gay and Lesbian
Chamber of Commerce. The American Family
Association has therefore dropped their national
boycott of McDonald's.

This is huge - not only because of the issues
involved but as a wonderful example of the
power of Owner/Operators to steer the system
back on course when the bureaucrats take it astray.

Congratulations to the courageous Owner/Operators
who lead the effort to stop Oak Brook from
playing politics with brand McDonald's.

The AFA press release is HERE

October 2, 2008

Who Says There's No Financing for McCafe?

McDonald's Operators can now put the
specialty coffee equipment on their credit
cards ... how special!

However, the equipment suppliers are allowed
to mark up any credit card purchases by 4%?

So McDonald's management is sympathetic when
the closely controlled vendors incur credit card
fees but it's no problem for McDonald's Operators?