Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 2, 2008

Who Says There's No Financing for McCafe?

McDonald's Operators can now put the
specialty coffee equipment on their credit
cards ... how special!

However, the equipment suppliers are allowed
to mark up any credit card purchases by 4%?

So McDonald's management is sympathetic when
the closely controlled vendors incur credit card
fees but it's no problem for McDonald's Operators?



Anonymous said...

After investing over 30 years in this business I could no longer stomach
the bad behavior of corporate people and it sickened me to see operators
going along. Perhaps it is due to survival for many operators...I fear in
many cases it is simply greed! My integrity would not allow me to participate
any more!I was very lucky to have lots of equity, almost no debt, and
very marketable locations. I wish the new operators only the best of success and
hope they are able to weather this latest financial crisis. My best advice
to any Operator is to consider your needs first, well over the corporations.
If your gut says hold off...listen to it! I saw what was on the horizon two
years ago and made the decision to begin selling off my locations. It
appears I may have been "just in the nick of time".

Anonymous said...

This is like making your Visa payment with your MasterCard. It's just pushing bad debt and a bad investment further down the line

Anonymous said...

Finance overpriced,nonprofitable equipment at 11% to 18% in an economic depression??? Great idea !! Are the suits at McD really THAT STUPID???

Anonymous said...

Prudent owner/operators will be slow to take on new debt for implementation of this product in the manner MCD wants it done.