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September 28, 2008

AdAge Reports on McCafe Credit Crunch

A number of Owner/Operators qouted HERE

Some interesting discussion about when McCafe goes on OPNAD.

"My gut tells me that if McDonald's is counting on this for the second quarter, it's going to happen," another franchisee said. "They certainly have enough money and enough power to push their weight around."



Richard Adams said...

I refuse to believe that OPNAD would spend money on McCafe with only 60% of the country serving the
product. Even when you take out the Wal-Marts and other special situations that's four, maybe five thousand normal, domestic stores without the product. Would OPNAD waste Operator money like that just to meet a deadline for Wall Street?

Anonymous said...

Lemme see, Im a BoA/Eagle customer. They freeze funding, and McD says no problem, try another lender. Lots of west coast guys use WaMu, so I try them. WHOOPS, WaMu is gone.Ok, so I try an east coast bank, Wachovia. WHOOPS Again, Wachovia fails,gets eaten by Citi,and Citi says it will be "approximately" six months to analyize the aquired Wachovia portfolio and begin making loans. McD needs to get real, realize that the economic ship is taking on water and that its no time for major expenditures. But they wont, and Hundreds of operators will fail because of Oak Brook arrogance.

Anonymous said...

I find it disturbing that NO ONE in McDonalds upper management recognizes the current financial crisis and is addressing system operators. Not a peep from Oak Brook. McDonalds fiddles while operators burn.McD could quell the financial worries immediately for operators by suspending its subordination agreements with the banks to increase the banks leverage. McDonalds still owns the real estate (in most cases) so it would have NOTHING to lose. But they would rather let operators twist in the wind. PATHETIC PARTNERS

Richard Adams said...

The memo from treasury makes it clear that at this juncture the only financing that matters is CBB.