Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 23, 2008

This is the Bloomberg Article That Started Things Percolating This Week

Owner/Operators will find a lot of information HERE



Richard Adams said...

"Franchisees should use excess cash to pay down loans, buy new equipment and expect to wait more than a month to get a new loan, McDonald's said in the memo."

Anonymous said...

Picture of an empty mccafe cup, very funny!

Anonymous said...

Lemme see, Im a BoA/Eagle customer. They freeze funding, and McD says no problem, try another lender. Lots of west coast guys use WaMu, so I try them. WHOOPS, WaMu is gone.Ok, so I try an east coast bank, Wachovia. WHOOPS Again, Wachovia fails,gets eaten by Citi,and Citi says it will be "approximately" six months to analyize the aquired Wachovia portfolio and begin making loans. McD needs to get real, realize that the economic ship is taking on water and that its no time for major expenditures. But they wont, and Hundreds of operators will fail because of Oak Brook arrogance.