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May 24, 2011

McDonald's Franchise Rewrites

Friends of Franchise Equity Group should watch
their E-mail for our comments on the current
status of the McDonald's Rewrite Policy.


May 23, 2011

State Franchise Relationship Laws

Interesting article by attorney Mario Herman. His website appears to the right.

"Such statutes may override some provisions contained in franchise agreements regarding termination and non-renewal, by providing that franchisors must give certain "notice" periods and must have "good cause" for terminating and/or not renewing a franchise agreement."

Protection After the Purchase, State Franchise Relationship Laws | BlueMauMau


54 Store Operator to run McDonald's in Greece

When will "Developmental Licenses" be used in the
USA as they were in the early days of McDonald's?

Times of Malta reports HERE


May 13, 2011

Just When I Thought I was Out ..... They Pull Me Back In

There's something ironic about a big franchise company hiring an actor who usually plays an organized crime figure to do a TV commercial voice over.

May 8, 2011

McDonald's Revamps Stores to Look Upscale

USA Today says:
"If the new look proves to be a hit, it could redefine America's biggest restaurant chain and nudge competitors at all ends of the spectrum to find some way to respond.

If consumers don't buy in, however, it could become McDonald's $1 billion folly."

Somebody check my math - but at over a million $ per location that's more like
a potential $15 or $20 Billion folly. Pretty soon we're talking about real
franchisee money!

Update - A reader has pointed out there will be several thousand U.S.
locations that will not be candidates for a remodel or rebuild but one
billion is still a very, very low number.

McDonald's revamps stores to look more upscale -


May 4, 2011

Dunkin’ Brands Files for $400M IPO

Another coffee brand benefits from McDonald's franchisee
advertising spending in 2009 + 2010.

Dunkin’ Brands files for $400M IPO | Nation's Restaurant News


Taco Bell Franchisees & Value Messaging

On April 21 Taco Bell Franchise Management Advisory Council (Franmac) President Tom Cook sent a letter to franchisees airing a list of 14 grievances Franmac has with Taco Bell, encouraging franchisees to participate in a Taco Bell Town Hall call. It included the desire to launch an agency review, a complaint about the handling of the infamous Taco Bell beef lawsuit and a point expressing discontent over the fast feeder's "value messaging."

AdAge reports HERE