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April 30, 2012

How Schlotzsky's Solved The Reimage Problem

What a good idea! When a chain is
spending too much on advertising
much of it is wasted so how about
cutting back on ad contributions
and use that money to supplement

How Schlotzsky's Solved The Reimage Problem:


April 16, 2012

McDonald's Names Tim Fenton as COO

Working in totalitarian counties in the far east should have prepared him well
to deal with franchisees..

McDonald's Corporation Names Tim Fenton as Chief Operating Officer - Yahoo! Finance:


Franchise Confidential

Once in a while I like to remind franchisees 
that everything that happens at Franchise 
Equity Group is a deep secret. This is a 
one man shop with no partners, associates,
or cleaning crew snooping around. There's
no one to read a memo or overhear a

If I were to describe the security measures 
taken you'd probably think it was overkill 
but these are protocols established over 
 the years so it's just part of the job.

Whether you're selling a franchise, buying 
franchise, working through a problem, 
or responding to a survey everything that 
comes through Franchise Equity Group 
is completely confidential.


April 13, 2012

Is Burger King Too Big to Fix ?

Overly greedy investors may have destroyed this brand.

The analysts who wrote this article won't have many friends at Burger King!

Burger King is too big to fix - Term Sheet:


April 9, 2012

Strange McBedfellows

While Discussing the proposed California fair franchising legislation with a McDonald's
Operator we "joked" about how McDonald's PAC $$$ would be spent fighting this 
proposal and about the irony of franchisees spending their money to fight a law that 
could give them increased rights.
I don't pay much attention to the McD
PACs assuming they're in  good shape 
because Operators are controlling 
expenditures. But out of curiosity I looked 
up the Federal PAC - Was I surprised! In 
the past several years the amount raised 
by the PAC has more than doubled its 
historical levels. Hum, that's good, 
Operators are more involved?

But the big surprise comes when studying contributions by political party.

From 1998 through 2006 84% of the Federal McDonald's PAC was 
spent supporting Republicans.

In 2008 70% went to Republicans

In 2010 52% went to Republicans, 47% to Democrats

So far in 2012 58% to Republicans, 42% to Democrats

Given the doubling of the amounts raised and the dramatic change in
contributions McDonald's Operators have become a substantial source
of funding for the Democrat party.

This at a time (in my humble opinion) when the Democrat party has
never been more regulation-happy and  anti-business?

My source for this information is the Center for Responsive Politics,
their link is below. At the top of the graph are two tabs for "Spending
by Cycle" and "Party Split by Cycle". Below the chart is a drop down
tab where you can select the year and in the boxes there are links for
expanded information. At the top of the page, above "McDonald's
Corporation Summary" are tabs listing donors, recipients, etc. 
If McDonald's Operators have information that differs from this source
please let me know. Meanwhile, enjoy supporting those Democrats!

Navigate the information here >> McDonald's Corp Summary | OpenSecrets: