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February 29, 2024

February 28, 2024

Wendy's CEO: "Did I say That? ... I Didn't Say That!"

Corporate CEOs often get in trouble trying to impress analysts and investors on quarterly conference calls. In this case, Wendy's new CEO implied the company might use dynamic pricing in the future. In the case of McDonald's, the CEO has recently implied that he, and he alone, would do something about "value" and menu pricing in the restaurants.

"We didn’t use that phrase, nor do we plan to implement that practice,”

The Today Show interviews Jonathan Maze -

NRN reports on political backlash

February 23, 2024

Union's Day of Action Against Starbucks

I've always thought Howard Schultz was among the dumbest people in American business. With the liberal, left-wing directions he's taken Starbucks, it's amazing he's built such a vast company and survived. But what do you get when you build a company based on your liberal "woke" policies and staff it with people who agree with your politics?

You get a Union Shop; that's what you get.

Starbucks unions stage a national day of action against chain

February 20, 2024

Who is This "Chef"?

Since the Internet's early days, when AOL and Yahoo first began providing chat or comment functions on their financial pages, there have been wackos insisting that the meat patties on McDonald's sandwiches were getting smaller.

If the patties had shrunk over the years as much as these numskulls claim, there would be nothing but air between the sesame buns. 

And now a former "chef" claims that it's true? This guy must have left McDonald's with a lot of money since he won't make much by being famous on social media.

February 17, 2024

McDonald's and McKinsey - Anonymous Opinion

Have you seen the video of Missouri Senator Hawley's grilling of the CEO of McKinsey in the US Senate? ( is strong proof of unethical, disqualifying representation for everyone to use to oppose retaining McKinsey, the "fox in the hen house", as McKinsey has been so exposed it provides the "smoking gun" evidence directly, (along w/ the book "When McKinsey Comes to Town"), and shows how corrupt McKinsey really is.

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February 15, 2024

Speaking of Best Lines...

 From this week's NOA message:

"Driving sales without improving cash flow is not a path franchisees can afford to travel."

Will that fit on a T-shirt in the NOA merchandise store?

Vote for Higher Minimum Wage?

This paper was sent in by an NOA friend, expanding our discussion about voters and the "living wage."

Describing an MIT study, this is the best line:

"However, White adds, “people could be changing their attitude toward government and what government can do for them, because they just learned that government can raise their pay."

Study: Higher Minimum Wages Raise Voter Turnout - MIT

CNBC Covers NOA Memo

  Discussing value pricing by McDonald's Owners  - Yahoo     


February 12, 2024

California Senate Candidate Proposes $50 Minimum Wage

California Congresswoman Barbara Lee wants to mandate inflation

The USA has finally crossed the economic Rubicon. For decades, the minimum wage was a training wage for unskilled people. But it is now a “living wage” where the employees should make enough to have a home or apartment, a car, and several flat-screen TVs. Oh yeah, and be able to support a spouse and a few kids.

And this isn’t just about California. There are politicians all over the country as ignorant as Congresswoman Lee. This concept will continue to spread nationally, and politicians will be able to buy votes by promising the masses that the government has the power to legislate their standard of living. 

The new approach to the “minimum wage” may be the most inflationary thing to ever happen to the domestic economy.