Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 29, 2024

Dough Talks, Sourdough Walks

Pushed by the nation's largest franchise owner. It's about time this got some coverage.

Newsom donor benefitting from $20 exemption for restaurant bakeries - FOX News


Anonymous said...

It was clear from the language that someone from Panara Bread had help, it was just a matter of figuring out who.

Of course we had plenty of help too. With friends like the IFA, SEIU and McDonald’s secretly negotiating on our behalf, who needs a carve out? With a franchisor who is for anything that drives prices up and our profitability down, who needs help?

We’ve known for years that CK has a seething loathing for “operators”. Notice the consistency, we are never referred to as owning anything and I suppose he’s right- we own all of the worthless trinkets that make a McDonald’s operate. They are keenly aware that the only real asset we own is the profitability of our restaurants. Next target acquired.

They loathe what they fear. They loathe the FTC but recognize that their seemingly unlimited resources ultimately cannot control gov’t, so they branded the FTC as a regulatory arm comprised of former SEIU leaders in an effort to discourage “operators” from commenting last summer. They lied, the FTC sees that the franchise business model is under threat, their intent is to protect us.

McD’s then worked with the SEIU to destroy CA O/O profitability while simultaneously forcing a huge pay raise for themselves. They don’t even hide it anymore.

They loathe state legislatures and those brave OO’s who work for good faith and fair dealing, to protect our life’s work.

If we’d put our personal immediate self interests aside for a moment and with the NOA act as one they’d be forced to return to working together. They absolutely loathe/fear the NOA and will go to any lengths to destroy it.

As long as there are operators who work with them either out of fear, ignorance or for immediate favor, the beat goes on. They’ll use our money to compete against us, they’ll partner with vendors to drain us, they’ll take what we earn and frame it as one big happy McFamily. (Wait…I thought we are now a McTeam, I’m confused)

It took me 20yrs to learn that favors given are never returned. OO’s who work against their self interests either in an attempt to win favor or out of genuine ignorance will learn the hard way, but there’s always a new OO who will take their place, basking in the favor of the SLT until they too are wrung out.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior, expecting a different result.

We have seven levers: NOA, FTC, NFLA, state gov’t, OPNAD, media, BU. 3 are internal, manipulation and intimidation often work on those. Can’t unilaterally cast aspersions on OO’s who serve, the pressure is great and deck is stacked. McD is well prepared and effectively uses the element of surprise and intimidation.

Join the NOA. Trust and support them, those who serve there are under tremendous pressure and personal attack. Serve in OPNAD or NFLA or BU, you can help, you will soon see how challenging it is. Go to the media, Dick will point you in the right direction. Know your state reps, legislation can help save what you’ve earned.

Do something, easiest is to support the NOA.

Anonymous said...

Unity among O/Os is the ONLYn path to protect what you own.

The franchisor playbook is always divide and con quo. It always has been and always will be.
This is why independent franchisee associations are so important.