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February 1, 2024

Biden Puts the Blame on Grocery Stores

Biden: Americans are being 'played for suckers' by grocery stores



Anonymous said...

Hey Slow Joe- Then I guess the higher Fast Food prices in California, ISNT because of your union inspired $20 QSR minimum wage, right?


Richard Adams said...

The impact of California’s “worse in the nation” governance will show itself in one of two possible ways:

A) Starting with this year's elections the American people will look at California, be horrified, and become determined to avoid the California path. They will vote for conservative and reasonable governments.

B) California will be allowed to continue its slide into the disaster zone, taking much of the rest of the USA with it.

In my estimation, as it stands today, there’s about a 25% chance that Governor Gavin Newsom will be sworn in as President of the USA in 2025.

He will spend four years making Joe Biden look like a genius.


Anonymous said...

He will spend four years making Joe Biden look like a genius."

Just like Joe Biden is making Pres. Obama look. like a genius. How much further to the radical left can Pres. Biden drift?!

How many more small businesses can this administration destroy this term?

November cannot come fast enough